We all know the struggle to find appropriate gifts for our boss, co-workers or a more personalized recognition piece for employees than an acrylic paperweight.

We have a new source to help you find that perfect something!

Swank Events recently had the pleasure of sampling a few items from Groovy Guy Gifts and we’re really impressed with the line-up of this website!

In one example of something unique for the gift recipient – why not a personalized flask with their caricature on it! The customized flask that Swank’s owner Kristin received with her husband’s likeness on it came out amazing! Check out the side by side photos below to see what was submitted and the end result! Additionally, the quality of the flask is great and the price for a one-of-a-kind item is totally reasonable.

Aside from the flask, there are any number of different gift ideas that range from everyday use items with monogramming available, such as the Brokebag Mountain duffel bag to the personalized wooden wine worker. All items have pithy descriptions that will keep you scrolling!

There is also a sister site for women’s items called Bridesmaidgiftsboutique.com. It too has a range of items that can be personalized in unique ways. I got a lovely bag called the Rome if you want to Tote that was personalized with my initials. It’s a great size and will come in handy this summer! While the site is geared towards Bridesmaid items, you could easily find items in here for any occasion.

Check out these two websites for some fun ideas next time you are looking for something for a special colleague or retirement party!