Top Wedding and Event Trends for 2017

Top Wedding and Event Trends for 2017


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A new year means it’s time to predict the wedding and events landscape for the months ahead. We scoured the internet and consulted many different sources, and pulled together some of the most popular – and some of our favorite – anticipated trends for 2017.

Overflowing Greenery and Pops of Color
Through all our research, two major themes kept coming up: greenery and bold colors. Vogue interviewed eight top planners to get their thoughts on the biggest trends of 2017, and found the same thing – 2017 will be a year of bountiful greenery and a shift towards more boisterous colors and themes. Personally we love this idea, and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

More Metallics
In recent years, we’ve seen metallic materials play a much larger part in the decor landscape at events. Popular in applications like flower vases and other decorative vessels and glassware, in 2017 the Huffington Post expects to see even more metallic. We can see it being especially pretty as an accent on tables, favors, or finishing touches on a bridal bouquet.


Photo credit: Joseph Prezioso Photography

An Emphasis on the Experience
Style Me Pretty pulled together a great round-up of many 2017 trends, but the resounding theme seemed to revolve around elevating the entire experience. Brides adding a floral crown, interactive food stations, new and improved photo booths, and unusual entertainment are just a few new themes we’re likely to see this year. There are all sorts of ways to make an impression, and in 2017, we’ll have to keep an eye out for the best ideas.

Unique Invitations
With the resurgence of custom calligraphy and hand-lettered elements, The Knot predicts that unique invitations will play a big part in creating the weddings of 2017. And why not? The personal touch is such a beautiful and classy way to elevate not only your invitations, but the day-of experience.


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Elaborate Entrances and Creative Ice-Breakers
So many trends revolve around food and decor, but the people-part of weddings is equally important. BRIDES shared a list of 13 trends that’ll be huge in 2017, highlighting two pieces that aren’t exclusively decor-related that really stood out to us: couples creating elaborate entrances (think sparklers as they walk down the aisle) and introducing creative ice-breakers to make guests more comfortable and to encourage mingling.

We can’t wait to see how each of these themes plays out through 2017 and beyond.

If you’re planning a wedding or event this year, what special touches are you planning to introduce to your special day?

4 Trends that are Taking Over Weddings

In recent years, weddings have certainly changed…for the better! They have become less traditional and much more personal. Here are a few trends that we’ve been seeing and loving these days!

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

It is likely that your bridesmaids all have different body shapes and sizes, so expecting everyone to look good and feel comfortable in the same exact dress may be unrealistic.  Luckily, this new trend is sure to make all of your bridesmaids happy.

To achieve the mismatched-but-we’re-still-all-besties-of-the-bride look, you should set some guidelines to avoid your maids looking too mismatched.  We recommend focusing on one color and allowing your bridesmaids to choose the shade, style and fabric that will work for their body type.  The trick is to stay within the same color tones (photo left).  You can also mismatch the dresses by following your wedding theme. For example, if you’re having a Gatsby inspired wedding, your bridesmaids could wear different vintage style dresses (photo right).


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Mixed Gender Bridal Parties

Although we’d like to credit Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor (2008) for starting this next trend, we really have only been seeing this take off over the past couple of years. As weddings have become more personal and couples are really embracing the idea of “anything goes”; we’ve seen this concept of mixed gender bridal parties becoming more mainstream.

If you are concerned about how this will look in photos there are plenty of ways to flawlessly coordinate the attire for a mixed gender bridal party.  We recommend to dress each side, for example if the groom has a “groomsmaid” select the same color dress or match the style of the groomsmen’s suits, instead of matching the bridesmaids dresses.  If you want to include your best friends in your bridal party, regardless of their gender, we say go for it!


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Late Night Snacks

This popular trend is usually in place of favors – surprise your guests with a tasty treat at the end of the night instead. Pizza, grilled cheese, milk n’ cookies…the options are endless! Or if you’re looking for something really unique, we recently planned a wedding that had a cannoli bar, which was a definite crowd pleaser! (photo left).  Or if you have room in your budget for a food truck or ice cream truck, it will be sure to wow your guests on their way out and keep their stomach’s happy, too! (photo right).

Check out our previous blog post on A Late Night Snack for Every Season for more even more fun snack ideas!


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Outdoor Ceremonies

Despite the chance of showers, more and more couples are opting to exchange their vows outdoors these days. Outdoor ceremonies can be so romantic and beautiful, so it is no surprise that this trend is taking off!

For a fresh, rustic look – use your wedding flowers to create a beautiful arch and hang blooming flowers along the seats of the aisles.


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Since you are outside you can arrange the seats however you want.  Our favorite setup is illustrated in the photos below- arrange the chairs in a circular pattern so you are literally surrounded by the people you love!  It will make everyone feel like they are included in the ceremony, and your guests will all have a great view of you.


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Keep in mind that with the beautiful outdoors come additional challenges, including Mother Nature. Regardless, there are a number of ways to make your outdoor ceremony unforgettable!

Contact us today to hear about more current trends and how we can assist you with planning a unique, creative, extraordinary event!


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