Elevating Your Message

Elevating Your Message


We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” before and how it can apply in delivering important information at the workplace, but what might also be as important is where.  

Maybe it’s the year-end meeting to review the outstanding job your team has done for the company or the holiday celebration where special recognitions are going to be highlighted.  Maybe it’s the kick off to a new company initiative and it’s your job to get your staff energized with your messaging.  That can be difficult to do in the same board room, lunch area or meeting space you always use.  Time to elevate your message with location!

Off-site Venues to Mix it Up!

Yes, there are the traditional options of a hotel meeting room, conference or convention center – but how about going for something memorable?  Places like:

  • Theaters (Universities, High Schools or public venues)
  • Private clubs (no, not just country clubs!) or historical homes
  • Boat cruises
  • Distilleries, wineries or breweries
  • Museums
  • Sports arenas
  • Zoos

Integrate lunch or dinner, and make it for employees and their families!  Each of these locations will fit different agendas for different sized groups, but all will be more memorable than your company’s conference room.

Sound daunting?  Remember an Event Planning Professional can help arrange the right place and help with all the details associated with the day!  

How to Find the Perfect Venue

How to Find the Perfect Venue

The success of an event is influenced by many different factors, but a few key details – venue especially – can really make or break your day. Say you’ve always dreamt of a summer wedding, the balmy ocean air on your face, toes in the sand, nautical details everywhere you look. If this is your dream, you wouldn’t pick a hotel with indoor-only space on your special day, right? No, you’d go for the resort with private beach access, stunning views of the coastline, and a beautiful blue backdrop to gaze out over as you exchange your vows.

In this case, and many others, where you choose to host your event makes all the difference. But how do you pick the perfect place? What factors do you need to consider? We’ll break it down for you, so you know the things to consider, and the questions to ask, to help your find the perfect place for your special day.


Location, Location, Location
This one is a no-brainer, but where, geographically speaking, will your event be held? Are you planning to be up in the mountains, surrounded by fresh air and abounding nature, or would you rather get married in a bustling city? Once you’ve narrowed down the general geographic region you’re targeting, your job gets much easier.


Think Seasonally
Getting married in the winter, in upstate Maine? Or in the heat of summer, out on Cape Cod? The season – and the locale – of your big day should help you to create a preliminary list of venue options to consider. Thinking about indoor vs. outdoor options is especially important in regions with inclement weather – either in places with temperature extremes, or the possibility of a surprise storm to mess with your plans.


What’s Your Management Style?
Deciding how involved or hands-off you want to be is another big factor. Planning to tie your own bouquets, offer a make-your-own slider bar, and bring in your own tables, chairs, and decor is one route. If this is your thing, then a blank slate venue where you can personalize every single detail is the best way to go.

Prefer something a little more managed? Then a resort or hotel is probably a better bet. You’ll be able to review several different package options, which generally cover everything you’ll need to consider for your big day, minus the extra special details like stationary, a photographer, and the always important wedding cake. This hands-off approach is better for those who want to leave the major planning to the pros.


Let Your Inspiration Lead
When you think decor, what do you think is beautiful? What colors do you gravitate towards? What backdrop will you love seeing in your photos days, weeks, and months after the big day has come and gone? These more personal details are what you consider once the bigger, more logistical factors have been factored in. Many brides have a vision in their minds of what the special day will look like, and if you can put the key features of that vision to paper, then it’s just a matter of finding the venue that evokes each of those sensations.

Wherever you end up, if you take these factors into consideration, and above all else, listen to your intuition, you’ll end up with the perfect space for your perfect day.

Happy planning!

The Swank Team