Ready…. Set…. Plan!

Ready…… Set……… PLAAAAAAN!!!!!

listphoto by Abby Rhoad

The holidays are intrinsically a time for planning. We plan big holiday meals, our travel routes, holiday parties, which ugly Christmas sweater to wear, and which gifts to give our loved ones. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, this is undoubtably one of the busiest times of the year here in North America. However, it is also one of the BEST times of year to jump start your wedding or event planning process!

The high season for wedding vendors is typically April – October. Vendors are at their busiest during these months, and if you’re trying to accomplish any sort of wedding planning during this time it can be super tricky to say the least! That being said, the low season (November – March) is when vendors are less busy and typically have more time to set up appointments and give you their full attention. This time of year can be the very best when it comes to laying out your wedding day plans and choosing your vendors!

To learn more about these benefits, check out the MetroWest Daily News article  where our founder, Kelli Sigmon, gives her thoughts on why winter can be the best time to jump starting your wedding planning process!

Happy planning!!

The Swank Team