Taking the Cake

According to bridalguide.com, it was around the 19th century that wedding cakes started to become the multi-tiered, elaborate, fancy cakes we see today. Historically, the top tier of the cake from the wedding was preserved for the Christening which was expected to happen within nine months of the wedding. Today however, most couples are preserving the top tier to celebrate their one year anniversary. Sadly, they are finding the cake doesn’t taste as great as they may have hoped.


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If you do choose to save your top tier, place it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to let the icing harden before wrapping it; then wrap several times with plastic wrap, place in an airtight container and then wrap that with aluminum foil.


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Be sure to keep in mind, if you do save the top tier of the cake this means you’ll need to order a cake with sufficient tiers to feed all your guests and preserve the top one! An alternative is to revisit your baker and order a replica of your cake on your first anniversary. Some bakeries also offer a free small cake on your anniversary date!

Whatever option you choose, we hope you indulge in the tradition of celebrating your one year anniversary with cake!

Happy Planning!

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