The Perfect Gift for Your Groomsmen

Are you looking for a unique gift for your groomsmen? How about a set of whiskey stones? Sure, we’ve all seen these before, but Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is taking this idea to the next level with personalization. And we have to say, we’re loving it!


Look: Each set comes with 4 large engraved whiskey stones that are 100% Soapstone and come packaged in a muslin bag. The personalization is very subtle, only showing up when the stones are dry. You can personalize each whiskey stone with 2 lines of up to 9 characters per line so you can include an entire message if you wanted to!









Functionality: If we’re being completely honest here, the stones do not make your drink freezing cold; however, the good news is that they aren’t supposed to. Whiskey stones are ideal for drinking with high quality whiskey because they keep it at the perfect sipping temperature of 50 degrees, whereas ice cubes make the whiskey too cold and dilute it, completely ruining the flavor. Another fun fact about these stones- they can be heated and used to keep coffee or tea warm, and they are dishwasher safe! We’re completely sold on this idea.

Bottom line: Not only will they chill your drink without watering it down, but they look cool doing it!

IMG_1255 IMG_1247








These can be paired with a flask and your favorite bottle of whiskey for the perfect gift! Have your next drink on the rocks…literally!

Be sure to head over to to get your whiskey stones today and for some other great gift ideas for your favorite guy!


The Swank Team