Tent Rentals- How to Enhance Your Outdoor Event

Tent Rentals- How to Enhance Your Outdoor Event

Warm weather means that outdoor events are back! The great thing about outdoor party tents is that they are available in different sizes, so you have no problem accommodating a variety of group sizes. There are many ways to enhance your tent and with the right design, you can transform your outdoor space into a great corporate gathering spot.

Ceiling Draping

We can do draping in tents as liners as well! This Octoberfest themed ...

Elegant Presentations

Drapery helps you soften the overall look of the tent by hiding its framework. Adding fabric to the tent makes it look professional and personalized. You could include your company colors or keep it neutral.


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Lanterns are a great way to add decoration to the free space at the top of the tent. If your event is going into the evening hours, add lights into the lanterns to create a warm glow.


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Flooring options can range from wood panels to carpeting. Adding a floor eliminates the uneven ground as well as the possibility of walking on soggy grass.

Greenery Wrapped Poles

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Tent poles build the framework of the tent, however in some cases they can be a bit of an eye sore. Greenery is a great enhancement for a corporate event because it pairs well with a lot of colors. You don’t have to worry about it clashing with your table linens or centerpieces.



County Marquees

Projectors can create an opportunity for company branding. You can choose to display your company logo, event name, or display an image relating to your theme!


When it comes to customizing your tent, your options are limitless! When choosing to host your event outdoors there is always the uncontrollable aspect of weather. Renting a tent can eliminate the stress of canceling because rain or shine the event can still go on. These enhancements can help elevate a basic tent rental and personalize it to fit your next corporate event!