Company Summer Event Ideas

Company Summer Event Ideas

Planning a corporate outing doesn’t have to be stressful. Consider these questions to help determine the perfect location and activity for your group – and then read on for some great spots!

  • Who are the attendees – employees only, employees and guest, or employees and their families?
  • What purpose will this event serve – celebration of company achievements, employee appreciation, or meetings / strategy session
  • What is the desired outcome – employee morale boost or productivity?

Once you have these questions answered you can start looking for an event professional, like Swank, to help with event idea generation and logistical planning. While some traditional outdoor corporate events may come to mind, like attending a sporting event or playing in a golf tournament, an event planner can help you look outside the box and take advantage of what beautiful New England has to offer!

Where To Go

Once you have your goals defined for the event, start exploring where you would like to hold it. Here are some of our favorite suggestions outside of Boston:


For a getaway and a taste of nature – head west! One place we enjoy is heading out to western Massachusetts to the Lenox area. There are various options for either a company retreat or a family-friendly gathering that include sleeping accommodations and local attractions. No matter where you hold the outing in the Berkshires, you should have activities planned both at the hotel / inn you are staying at as well as group outings to nearby sites.

North Shore

Looking for a beach experience? Heading to the Cape during the summer for a beach-side outing can be a daunting trip due to traffic and high seasonal pricing. Heading to the North Shore during the warmer months of the summer or early fall is a great alternative! Salem, Gloucester and Ipswich are all lovely locations that offer hotels, inns, dining and great historical outing opportunities beyond the beach.

On the Water

If you are Boston-based and want a unique experience just outside of the city, consider an outing to the Harbor Islands or a Charles River boat cruise – both are really fun options!


Another New England option that is rich in history and picturesque, with plenty to do is Newport RI and the Mansions. There are many events held throughout the spring and summer in the coastal enclave, so planning your outing well in advance to avoid or coincide with one of the many Newport happenings is crucial.

Wherever you hold your summer event, a professional event planner can help with the details and execution to make it a memorable occasion.

Contact us today to get started planning your next event.

Swank Events 2017 in Review!

Swank Events 2017 in Review!

What an amazing and busy year we’ve had!  We wanted to take a moment to not only thank all of the wonderful clients we have had this year, but to also express our heartfelt appreciation to all of the professionals we’ve collaborated with this year: florists, photographers, venues, entertainers, chefs and all of the fantastic people who helped make each occasion memorable!

Swank Events is looking forward to a brilliant 2018!

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4 Ways to Engage Employees at Your Corporate Event

4 Ways to Engage Employees at Your Corporate Event


Photo credit: Bubble Battles

We’re in the thick of summer here in New England, which means the temperature is high and the events are plentiful! This time of year is so beautiful in our neck of the woods, and totally worth celebrating.

Summer is a great time to plan a corporate outing (though we won’t lie, fall is pretty gorgeous too and these tips totally apply to that season as well). But when competing with summer family vacations and weekend getaways, it can be hard to convince your employees to participate in your summer corporate outing.

Below we’re sharing four of our best tips for creating an engaging experience that’ll encourage your employees to attend and take part — read on to learn how you can kick it up a notch this year!

1. Align the event with a purpose
Events that have a designated purpose – like a volunteer component – are much more likely to garner attention and support. People like to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and what better way to do that than give back to your local community?

2. Add a health/wellness option
Charity races, fun runs, and other sports and fitness oriented activities are a popular option in today’s health-minded climate, and adding a component like that to your corporate event is a sure-fire way to get people involved. This is a great team bonding option that’ll improve more than just each individual’s health.

3. Bring in an outside personality
Whether you hire a motivational speaker, run a creativity workshop, or host some sort of team building seminar, bringing in outside professionals whose line of work it is to build, strengthen, and lift up teams is a great way to not only boost morale, but improve relationships too.

4. Plan group activities
Especially in the warmer months, the group activity options are endless, and there’s something to suit each and every crowd. You could try to plan an event around one of these activities – maybe a group hike or park outing – or you could incorporate them as a smaller subset of your larger event – think a round of trivia, or a friendly department vs. department field game.

Poll your employees to find out what resonates most with them, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

What’s the most engaging corporate event activity you’ve ever been a part of?

How to Plan a Corporate Summer Outing

How to Plan a Corporate Summer Outing


Summer is finally upon us here in the northeast, and which means it’s summer outing season! As planners ourselves, we absolutely love this time of year, and the endless event opportunities that this season provides. Outdoor activities are prolific, and there are never too many barbecues. But planning a company outing isn’t all fun and games, it does require a good bit of research, planning, and work. Here are some of our best tips for getting started with planning your next company outing.

Start with Logistics
Before you can even consider the food, drinks, and activities, you have to deal with the logistical details. To start, it’s good to consider the overall event budget. You’ll also want to consider things like time of week, and time of day for your event, and whether to invite families to participate, or keep it just to employees. Here’s our checklist:

  • Set a budget, and what that budget will cover (like venue, food and beverage, entertainment, activities, etc.)
  • Determine weekday vs. weekend
  • Pick either daytime or evening hours
  • Consider your event audience – employees only, or families included?
  • Make a list of potential locations and venues, and potential pros and cons
  • Consider transportation, and make sure employees will be able to easily access potential venues
  • Decide whether to hire a party planner!

Plan Some Food and Fun
You can plan a more generic event like a barbecue, or you can plan a themed event like a carnival. Consider what your goals are for the event, as those may help to determine if there’s a theme or not. Then you’ll want to think about what guests will eat and drink, and how they’ll spend their time.

  • Will you have an event theme, company branding, or color theme?
  • Determine a goal for your event – team building, employee fun, etc.
  • Select food and beverage, and think about whether you’ll have a theme to your food, like southern BBQ or carnival street food
  • Decide on entertainment and activities – will you hire an entertainer, plan lawn games, or run a giveaway/raffle?

There are plenty of great summer party ideas out there, which can range from simple and laid back, to involved and elaborate. Only you will know what works best for your company, but if you plan your event with your employees top of mind, it’s sure to be a hit. If you don’t know where to start, sending a company-wide survey with a few event ideas, or open-ended questions asking what kind of event they’d like to experience, you’ll get loads of inspiration to start your planning off right!

What was the best corporate summer outing you ever attended?

Fun With Flowers: Adding a Floral Element to Your Corporate Event

Fun With Flowers: Adding a Floral Element to Your Corporate Event

Flowers are often a type of event decor most widely used at weddings and other social events. They’re typically very carefully selected, and hold some sort of meaning to the event hosts.

But who’s to say they aren’t a perfectly good decoration for corporate events, too? The key is just in how you use them to support your event and your goals. Here we’ll share a few insider tips on how to make florals work for your next corporate event. If you’re still left with questions at the end, we’d love to help you answer them.

Flowers often set the tone for an event – they can be wild and crazy, playful and casual, elegant and fancy, or just plain fun. Depending on what varieties you choose, and how you choose to display them, they can really convey a feeling that’s in line with what you’re hoping your event will be.

Flowers come in so many different shades of color, so at the very minimum, why not spruce up your space with flowers in a familiar hue? Using company colors through flowers to “brand” your event is a must, and super simple to do.

Not crazy about flowers, or bold colors in general? No worries – plants work too! There are many different types of plants, shrubs, and greenery – both for indoor and outdoor events – that can create an inviting space with a touch of nature, but without the fuss of fresh cut flowers.

succulent wall planter

Image credit: Homedit

The best part of using plants in lieu of flowers? Plants can serve as office decor after the event is over. Flowers have a definitive shelf life, but things like a living succulent wall live on long after the celebration has ended, and serve as a pleasant reminder of a great time.

Plants or flowers, there’s also the option of using live growth to spell your a company name or create a company logo. This can be as basic or extravagant as you choose, but it’s a fun way to reinforce your company’s branding in a new and creative way.

No matter what you choose, incorporating living elements into your event adds dimension, and a natural touch that provides warmth and beauty unparalleled by anything else.

What’s your favorite way to add flowers to a corporate event?