Creating the Perfect Welcome Bag for Your Guests

For many, the wedding doesn’t start until the bride walks down the aisle; but for out of town guests, the wedding weekend begins when they check into the hotel. Let your guests know how much their presence means by having a thoughtful welcome bag waiting upon their arrival!

Welcome bags are the perfect opportunity to set the tone for your big weekend. If your wedding has a theme, carry that theme into your bags! Below are some unique themes and personalized items that you can incorporate into your welcome bags; keeping in mind that there are some basics that should be included in every bag—a personalized note, schedule of events, snacks, waters and information about the area.

Post-Wedding Cure

Weddings are a time to celebrate! With that in mind, some of your guests may celebrate a little too much. To help them get through the rest of the weekend, include bottles of water or sports drinks to keep your guests hydrated as well as travel packs of aspirin or a hangover kit and plenty snacks. You can also customize a cute “Do Not Disturb” sign for them to hang outside their door so they can get plenty of sleep. Trust us, they will be thanking you the next day!


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Local Love

If your guests are staying in a hotel, they may not be familiar with the area. Show your friends and family how much you love your wedding destination by providing them with a welcome bag filled with area maps, exciting local attractions, local snacks, drinks and trinkets. If the city is known for something, be sure to incorporate that into your bag.

If you choose a reusable bag, not only is it eco-friendly but your guests will think of your wedding every time they use it! Have a favorite spot or museum in the city? Be sure to mention that and if possible, provide passes for your guests.  With all of these personal, local touches, your guests will leave loving this place as much as you do!


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Beach Party

If you’re having a destination or beach wedding, play up the location and make your welcome bag warm-weather friendly! Personalize a beach bag or a sand bucket that your guests can put to use during the day. Include a towel, sunglasses and sunscreen. And don’t forget personalized bottles of water and snacks!


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Relax before the Big Day

Make your wedding a mini-vacation by pampering your guests. The bride isn’t the only one who deserves a spa day before the big day. Provide your guests with a personalized spa package that includes bubble bath, lotion, tea bags and a mini bottle of champagne to start the celebration!


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Did you know that Swank Events creates welcome bags? If the idea of putting more than 5 of these little bags together is overwhelming, contact us today and let us help. Visit our a la carte page for more information.

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