A Late Night Snack for Every Season

Since the beginning of time people have used food as a means to bond and build relationships. In no other event is this more evident than a wedding; where guests are treated to hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour, a decadent main course, and then dessert. And many couples these days are not stopping at dessert. As wedding celebrations often extend well into the evening, late night snacks are becoming increasingly more popular…and we love this trend!

Here are some late night tasty treats for every season!

Fall: S’mores Bar

You don’t need a fire pit to enjoy these delicious treats! Set up a s’mores bar indoors using Sternos, as illustrated in the cute display below. You can arrange different flavored marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates around the “fire” so your guests can put together their own delicious snack. For a fun twist on traditional s’mores, use a Reese’s peanut butter cup or chocolate caramel square instead of a piece of milk chocolate!

reese cups Lauren Piper Photographysmores-bar-menu








Photo Credits: Mirabelle Creations, Lauren Piper Photography

Winter: Hot Cocoa and Doughnuts

We love this idea of offering hot cocoa and doughnuts as a late night snack on a chilly winter evening. There are so many creative ways that this can be done and this treat can be personalized, too! If you are planning a winter wedding, this is a must.

doughnuts and cocoBlack Rock Racing; Lestor Prairie, MN

Melissa Robotti






Photo Credits: Harwell Photography, Liz Banfield Photography, Melissa Robotti Photography

Spring: Popcorn Bar

A Popcorn Bar is another great late night snack that everyone will love! You can create customized bags and this can double as a favor, like owner Kristin Healy did at her wedding. She says, “We had so much fun with this. We had to try out all the flavors before the wedding so we ended up getting boxes of popcorn delivered to our house every week! We tried everything from buffalo ranch to triple chocolate nut to confetti. In the end, we went with cheddar, butter + salt, triple chocolate caramel, caramel gone nuts and confetti. Our guests absolutely loved this late night snack!”









Photo Credit: Adriano Batti Photography

Summer: Ice Cream Sundae Bar

What better way to cool down at a summer party than with delicious, creamy ice cream? An ice cream sundae bar is not only a yummy way to beat the heat but it’s also a lot of fun for your guests. Find your favorite candies or toppings and display them in cute bowls with your favorite ice cream flavors. This scrumptious display will surely add more color to your wedding day!





















Photo Credits: Brooke Courtney Photography, Bridal Guide, Jacquie Rives Photography, LLC

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