Five Ways to be the Best Bridesmaid

So you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid…now what? Throughout the wedding planning process, the bridesmaids provide crucial support to the couple. While being in a wedding is a great honor, it can also be an overwhelming experience; but don’t worry- we’ve got you covered!

Here are the top five things you need to know to be the best bridesmaid:

1. Make yourself available…for anything! This may include dress/shoe/accessory shopping, putting together favors, writing out escort cards, addressing wedding invitations, creating welcome bags or anything in between. Ask what you can do to help and pitch in wherever needed!

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2. Plan an awesome bridal shower. The shower usually happens about 3 months from the wedding date. Make sure you and the other bridesmaids consult with the mother of the bride and mother of the groom before making any definite plans. This is also a fun opportunity to plan a themed party. Think about what the bride likes – if she loves wine, perhaps host the shower at a winery. Does the bride enjoy tea, the beach or Paris? These are all great ideas for a themed bridal shower. Also, be sure to check out our blog post on Bridal Shower Games you Should Play.







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3. Help keep the bride-to-be stress-free. This may be as simple as taking the bride out for a coffee or cocktail during a stressful week or just being a good listener when she needs to vent. Or you may need to step in to prevent some wedding drama. Regardless, constantly checking in to make sure things are going okay is a good idea.

4. Plan a fun bachelorette party. Help plan a memorable night for the bride that she will enjoy. Your ideal night out might not be the same as hers, so plan accordingly! For a low key bride that just wants time to relax with her girls, you could plan a spa getaway or a beach retreat. If the bride is looking for one last big party before the wedding, then take her out for a night on the town. Whatever you do, be sure to get a list from the bride of everyone she wants to invite to her last fling before the ring!

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5. Be prepared on the wedding day. The big day is finally here!

  • Make sure that the bride (and bridesmaids) eat and stay hydrated. The bridal party often misses cocktail hour because of pictures, so take a bite whenever you can.
  • Save the drinking for the reception – especially if you are giving a speech!
  • Come prepared for anything! Pinch Provisions makes a great emergency kit- or you can make your own. Don’t forget: Safety pins, nail file, deodorant, mints, tissues, bandaids, bobby pins, stain remover, fashion tape, hair spray


  • Finally, help get the party started and be the first one on the dance floor!


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Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor- enjoy every minute!


The Swank Team