Six Sweet Swag Items to Show Your Employees Some Love

Six Sweet Swag Items to Show Your Employees Some Love

It’s cold out, we just made it through a nor’easter, and it’s time to show your employees some love! The smallest of gestures can make your team feel valued, appreciated, and special this Valentine’s Day. Couple that with a team lunch or coffee run on the boss and you’ll have the perkiest team in town. Here are six sweet swag items to gift your team this month. Everything below is sourced from the Print House. 

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A pair of sleek, subtle branded bluetooth headphones to take calls on the go, listen to music or podcasts, or dial into a meeting from anywhere!

An insulated, vacuum sealed bottle with your logo in elegant silver to hold water or coffee hot or cold for up to 10 hours! You could even accompany it with a Dunkin’ gift card to fill up right away. 

Cozy joggers to rep their favorite place to work while feeling nice and toasty warm in their off-time. 

Have a team that’s extra on-the-go? Field sales representatives or employees who work outdoors? Why not gift them a warm and stylish way to wear your brand with an insulated packable puffer! 

With many teams coming back to the office after two years at home, their old work back may be shoved deep in the back of a closet, or long gone. This laptop backpack has room for much more than just a computer – including designated iPhone pockets, a water bottle holder, and lots of space for desk snacks and other necessities. 

And finally, if you’re feeling extra sweet, couple a branded tumbler with decadent Godiva gift box and you’re sure to be Manager of the Month! 

Any of these gifts are sure to be a hit, and don’t forget to mention Swank Events to score 10% off at Print House!

How to Elevate Your Event and Design with Intention

How to Elevate Your Event and Design with Intention

To design an event with intention means to break down the event into smaller elements: food and beverage, entertainment, venue and physical space, decor and ambiance, and use your creativity to view the event both from the perspective of a professional planner and an attendee. Ask questions like,

“How do I maximize this space so people can eat, dance, drink and socialize?”

“How do I make sure attendees know who is hosting this event without being overbearing?”

“How can I make everything flow naturally and look beautiful?”

Let’s begin with furniture elements – it’s easy to switch up the style and color from velvet to leather, sleek bar stools to wooden low and high tables, to add to the overall atmosphere and bring out the theme. With so many options, intention is key. The type of furniture you choose impacts how your room looks and feels to your attendees. One of our favorite secrets to making a room feel larger is bringing in clear chairs!

Mirrors can have a stunning impact on elevating your event space. It’s an amazing investment that reflects the lighting and enhances the theme especially coupled with conscious design elements like candles and warm lighting. 

Bring intentional design into your floor plan and showcase your exhibits and guide guests to take in the whole experience by placing the bar, photo moment, stage, or main attraction towards the back of the event. Are you worried your bar line will be too long? Consider passing wine, champagne or a signature cocktail at the entrance. Guests will feel extra special upon arrival and it’s a win-win to cut down on wait times!

Looking to warm up a space? Add area rugs, trees, greenery or plants to bring color into your space! Large, leafy plants can help absorb echoes and other ambient sound. Outdoors, live plants can help create a barrier to soften the sounds of traffic from outside or music from within.

Signature drinks are an automatic crowd pleaser! This blue cocktail was delicious and fit in perfectly with the blue, white and gold theme. Check out more seasonal cocktail ideas in our blog post HERE.

Are you looking to add an extra activity to your event? What about a cocktail tasting? Make it even more special with local distillers.

Having a DJ is lots of fun BUT a live band can really get the crowd going. Nothing quite beats the energy and production quality of live music!


And finally, bring your branding into everything – from straws in your company’s signature colors, to matching the flowers and balloons, or even your socks, the little details go a long way. Whenever you have an opportunity to customize something or add branding we highly recommend doing so! It may be a small detail, but in the overall experience it ties everything together.  

Decorating Tastefully with Balloons

Decorating Tastefully with Balloons

There are many unique ways to decorate a venue for a company function. Balloons are one décor element that is often overlooked for a corporate event. Although they are too often associated with just children’s events, we’re sharing some creative ways to incorporate balloons into your next corporate outing. Balloons come in an endless supply of color, shapes and sizes and are very versatile in how they can be used!

Use oversized round balloons for an unexpected but elegant look

Balloons can be used to mark entries, add glam to a photo both or even be incorporated into a centerpiece.

fringe balloons event decor

Photo Credit:













Create a good first impression

Greet your guests on the way into a function by marking the way with these staked balloons.  This pretty walkway really sets the tone for your event and has your guests excited about what’s to come!

Balloon Path event decor

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Make a grand entrance 

Consider balloon columns or arches to add a fun vibe to your next event like we did here at the PERKS Convention in Boston.










Select colors that work with your brand, theme and style of event

Maybe your company needs something industry-specific? How about a balloon sculpture of some sort? You would be amazed at what talented balloon companies can do!

Balloon Sculpture event decor

Image Credit: Balloons by Tommy

Consider the vibe/atmosphere you’re looking to create

If you’re planning a sophisticated evening event, it probably doesn’t make sense to bring in bright colored balloons. Perhaps you opt for the white, silver or black options instead.

balloon decor event decorations

Photo Credit: Magic in the Middle

Contact Swank Events today and we’ll make your next company event an amazing success!

How to Throw an Oscars Viewing Party

How to Throw an Oscars Viewing Party

Gathering friends and family together for a night of fun can be a simple affair, but the Oscars are this weekend so why not throw a themed party to make the evening one to remember (even if you haven’t seen half the films nominated!)?

There are lots of ways to make your party stand out:

  • Attire: Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite character in a movie or drag out that old bridesmaid dress to walk down the red carpet with!
  • Décor: The Red carpet is important – why not use a table runner as a quick stand-in for the night?  Golden balloons and other “gold” accents will help set the tone of the evening!
  • Food: Movie themed food is an easy one to Google, but you can also have a popcorn bar with different flavors and toppings for guests to try.  Candy bars are also fun with movie theatre candy options in bulk for guests to fill containers with.
  • Drinks: signature cocktail & champagne

We all know that the awards can also take a while, so give your guests things to do during the evening with games and more!

  • Games: Download a free Oscar bingo card and give out mini gold statues to winners!
  • Picture fun:
    • Have a “photographer” to serve as paparazzi taking photos as guests arrive and walk down the red carpet. Best pose gets a prize!
    • Setup a fun DIY photo booth – themed props – directors mic, old movie reel, big sunglasses, diamond necklaces!
  • “Goody bags”/gifts for guests – You can make your own “swag” items for guests to leave with so they will always remember the fun!

Having a fun evening and making memories is what a party is all about!  Swank Events strives make our clients events one where guests have unique, creative experiences that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary! Be sure to contact us about your next event!

How to Transform Your Event Space

How to Transform Your Event Space

Decorating an empty, lifeless event space can seem like a daunting challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! For us, decorating can be so much fun, and watching the transformation of an empty space into something humming with life and energy is totally rewarding. Below we’ve collected some of our favorite ideas for breathing life into an event space, and we hope these will be of use to you as you plan your next special event!

wedding with hay bales

Bring the Outside In
If you aren’t planning to have your event outdoors, then why not bring a bit of the outdoors in? Natural decor pieces are all the rage right now, but there’s something to be said for adding elements of nature to an indoor event. In addition to the typical floral designs, things like branches and lush greenery can help to soften the space, and add a touch of natural beauty.

cafe string lights

Consider Your Lighting
There are so many options for lighting these days, and so many fun things you can do with it. Depending on your ceiling height, there are different ideas to consider. For higher ceilings, things like oversized chandeliers, or clusters of hanging lanterns can really make an impact. For lower ceilings, strings of cafe lights can help create a space that feels like an open-area patio, or a bounty of candle votives and varying heights of pillar candles can offer mellow mood lighting with a really stunning effect. Uplighting is also a popular trend, and a nice way to either tie in your theme colors or add a soft, glowing effect to define the boundaries of your event space.

wedding vignette

Create Vignettes
Whether you’re in a large, cavernous convention space, or in a more intimate setting with lots of disparate rooms that you’re trying to tie together, vignettes are a fantastic solution for making the space work for you. Vignettes are basically little spaces designed to tell a story, with a specific purpose – think a craft cocktail bar, a photo booth, a guest lounge area, or a memories table. If you’re working with a large ballroom, vignettes help to break up the space to make it feel more intimate and personal, and for smaller or more broken up spaces, vignettes can help to give purpose and meaning to each little nook and cranny of your venue.


Accents Are Everything
An event space is a blank slate, so it’s all about what you make it. Bringing in personal mementos, photographs, and your favorite decor pieces will make it distinctly yours. Do you have a glitzy, glamorous style? Try adding pieces with plenty of sparkle. Do you enjoy more of an industrial vibe? Try adding a hammered metal bar cart or pipe-lighting. Whatever your vibe, pick accent pieces to bring that style to life, and you’ll feel right at home.

beautiful rustic cupcakes

Play with Your Food
Food displays can be as bland or as vibrant as you make them – so why not make them something great for your guests to enjoy? Interactive make-your-own bars can create a really cool look, and they’re also loads of fun. Dessert towers look stunning, and serving individual pieces makes dolling out dessert so much easier. A good caterer can create stunning displays that are just as beautiful as they are delicious, and they’ll add an element of style to your space.

wedding decor

Mix Things Up
Mix and match isn’t for everyone, but the ideas of putting items together that don’t totally match perfectly is different and fun, and creates a totally unique vibe for your event. Things like different shaped tables (think a mix of square and round), mis-matched chairs, flower vessels of different shapes and sizes, and even a wild blend of flowers can create such an interesting look and feel, and something no one else will ever be able to replicate.

These are just a handful of our favorites ideas for how to transform your event space. But we’d love to hear your stories! How have you spruced up your event space to make it yours?