3 Reasons to Add Greenery to Your Event Space

3 Reasons to Add Greenery to Your Event Space

Adding greenery to your event space can transform a dreary, dull room into one with vibrant color, warmth and energy. You can mix and match with a variety of color palettes and designs. Here are our top 3 reasons to add some greenery to your event space:

1. It’s versatile.

Adding greenery of any kind to your space is always a great idea and the nice thing is you are not locked into how you use it. It can match with any color and be used in various ways. As in the photo below, in addition to the pops of blue and pink we added natural green tones by utilizing the living walls provided by the venue as a backdrop to our beautiful outdoor lounge and pairing that with a grass rug. Both of these elements help to create a visually appealing space and add texture, making this a picture-perfect spot at your event! I mean, who wouldn’t want to relax in this lounge?


2. It instantly warms up your space.

Adding planters to a large room instantly fills the space, and sets a warm, intimate setting for your event. If the group is small and the space is large, this is also a great décor option to help make the vast area work for smaller groups.


3. It creates a unique space.  

Using planters or hedge walls to divide your space is a great option for indoor and outdoor events. Putting multiple walls together allow you to create a unique, private space to be used for a multitude of purposes. You can even enhance the walls by adding custom logos and signage.


Of course, there are several reasons for you to add greenery into your event design. Nobody wants a dull space, and plants are a great way to add vibrant color, texture, and aesthetic to your event. No matter the venue you can always find a way to incorporate greenery!