Event Trends Getting a Makeover!

Event Trends Getting a Makeover!

There are a lot of existing party ideas getting a new spin that you can incorporate into your next big company happening!

Supersized Games

Take your favorite games outside! Whether it’s a jumbo Connect Four, lawn darts, a larger than life chess set, or Jenga (one of our personal favorites) there are lots of oversized game options to make playing outside a whole new experience! Strategy is still important but now it’s also about physical movement to use the large game pieces.  Check out these options on Amazon to liven up your next get-together!

Photo booth with a GIF!

Rather than a standard photo booth – how about a GIF booth? Turn your photos into animated moments that can be broadcast via social media! Boston GIF rents the latest in technology where you can have unlimited photos, customize them with text messages and then download them as keepsake from your event!


Interactive Food Stations

You can have guests frost their own cookies or donuts, make their own S’more or build an ice cream sundae! Then they could be their own mixologists with infused waters and a selection of complimentary alcohol. Get some more ideas here: https://www.eventmanagerblog.com/18-fun-and-quirky-food-stations

Photo Credit: Kero Photography

Photo Credit: Amara Photo

Restored Venues

Rather than a hotel function room or restaurant for holding you next event – what about a restored historical site for you next company event? The Hanover Theater in Worcester is a great example of a restoration project that serves more than just performances with a separate event center, promenade section and the theater itself that can be rented and used for any sort of gather you can plan.


These are some of the unique features your next company gathering could have by teaming up with a professional event planner, like Swank Events, to make your event a success! Special thanks to Amara Photo & Kero Photography for the amazing food pictures!


4 Ways to Engage Employees at Your Corporate Event

4 Ways to Engage Employees at Your Corporate Event


Photo credit: Bubble Battles

We’re in the thick of summer here in New England, which means the temperature is high and the events are plentiful! This time of year is so beautiful in our neck of the woods, and totally worth celebrating.

Summer is a great time to plan a corporate outing (though we won’t lie, fall is pretty gorgeous too and these tips totally apply to that season as well). But when competing with summer family vacations and weekend getaways, it can be hard to convince your employees to participate in your summer corporate outing.

Below we’re sharing four of our best tips for creating an engaging experience that’ll encourage your employees to attend and take part — read on to learn how you can kick it up a notch this year!

1. Align the event with a purpose
Events that have a designated purpose – like a volunteer component – are much more likely to garner attention and support. People like to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and what better way to do that than give back to your local community?

2. Add a health/wellness option
Charity races, fun runs, and other sports and fitness oriented activities are a popular option in today’s health-minded climate, and adding a component like that to your corporate event is a sure-fire way to get people involved. This is a great team bonding option that’ll improve more than just each individual’s health.

3. Bring in an outside personality
Whether you hire a motivational speaker, run a creativity workshop, or host some sort of team building seminar, bringing in outside professionals whose line of work it is to build, strengthen, and lift up teams is a great way to not only boost morale, but improve relationships too.

4. Plan group activities
Especially in the warmer months, the group activity options are endless, and there’s something to suit each and every crowd. You could try to plan an event around one of these activities – maybe a group hike or park outing – or you could incorporate them as a smaller subset of your larger event – think a round of trivia, or a friendly department vs. department field game.

Poll your employees to find out what resonates most with them, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

What’s the most engaging corporate event activity you’ve ever been a part of?