It’s Holiday Party Planning Time!

It’s Holiday Party Planning Time!

It’s this time of year that we start getting really excited about pulling together ideas for client holiday parties!

While we are all familiar with traditional Christmas colors of red & green, pine wreaths and poinsettia plants, having a holiday party for your employees to remember can start somewhere completely different – and that’s why we love our work.

Last year we organized a Great Gatsby holiday party for a client that has set a new tradition with a “Non-Traditional” Holiday Party. This year, we are going back to the era of disco and we are working on pulling together the colors and inspiration sources for decor.

The invite is going to encourage employees to dress up in 1970’s garb and we can’t wait to see how many Saturday Night Fever suits show up! We’ve already secured the band Motor Booty Affair for the evening’s entertainment along with a light-up disco dance floor to encourage dancing! A hotel venue in Boston is easier than some other locations to transform, as in this case into a disco studio, with backdrops, lighting, table settings and we’re partnering with Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge this year.

When planning a holiday party, regardless of the theme, we are always looking for a flow of the evening’s events to help shape the main elements (food, entertainment, speakers etc.) at the venue. If a client wants employees to mix and mingle the entire evening, having dinner stations, in-room bar and no assigned seating can accomplish this easily. If you are going to have speakers or awards and employee recognitions, then having a plated dinner at a set time will help keep the evening on-track.

Swank Events is looking forward to having a busy holiday season – and we would love to hear from you to help your organization plan your next event! It’s not too late for Swank to help you with your holiday party – so contact us today!