Event Signage: How to Elevate Your Next Event

Event Signage: How to Elevate Your Next Event

Events have many moving parts, and getting your attendees to smoothly locate and move throughout your venue is vital. Swank Events can help your company create impactful signage that can offer more than just directional value!

This summer we were apart of IntelyCare’s Summer Outing at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Larger venues like this can be tricky to navigate and can lead to your participants getting lost. Signage is the most overlooked and forgotten ingredient in a successful event because of their plain nature. Corporate events especially, have the ability to form employee comradery and lose the formality of the work environment. An easy way to do this is with décor, and it is easy to include your signage in that vision.

Allegro Photography

Create a Welcome Sign to help the attendees know they have found the correct location and are not wandering around the property. The Welcome Sign is the first touch point that guests will interact with, and it is important to make a good impression. Include eye-catching colors and branded material to ensure that your guests can easily find it. At this event we added company colored balloons next to each sign, keeping the overall theme in contact.


Allegro Photography


Swank Events created the concept of using different sports quotes on each sign leading the guests to the main event. Using these signs as touch points rather than arrows was our way of promoting the company’s core values and also carrying through the theme of “We are the Champions.” Signage can look and represent anything you want!


Event Planning Tip: After determining the placement of your signs, be sure to walk through the venue as if you were a guest. You’ll want to ensure that the location of your signage provides the most benefit for your attendees and serves it’s purpose, whether that be wayfinding or decorative.


10 Years of Disruptive Innovation Celebrated at Sea

10 Years of Disruptive Innovation Celebrated at Sea

We had a great experience celebrating Acacia’s 10th Anniversary of “disruptive innovation”. Their team members traveled from offices all over to board the Spirit of Boston and enjoy a night at sea to commemorate the many achievements of the optical communications company.

Upon boarding the ship, guests were welcomed with their choice of wine, beer and delicious hors d’oeuvres, after snapping a nautical photo with the Spirit of Boston buoy, of course. 


Spirit of Boston employees welcoming guests with champagne and beer.Employees wearing orange socks with the Acacia 10-year logos on it


On board, there was so much to see between the stunning city views, the top deck lounge, and the indoor dining space that was so thoughtfully designed with the help of our wonderful vendors: Lotus Floral Events, Your Love in Lights, the Party Lab, Print House and CCR Solutions. And, we can’t forget the breathtaking sunset that took over the Boston Harbor that night.

The dining setup with centerpieces on the Spirit of Boston.Guests posing in front of the picturesque sunset.








As the evening kicked off, CEO, Raj Shanmugaraj, reflected on the growth, success, and future of the company with a brief speech that left guests laughing, excited, and ready to enjoy the evening while honoring their accomplishments. Then the Spirit of Boston crew took over, serving a delectable dinner buffet and providing entertainment with their in-house DJ. By the end of the night, guests were dancing, enjoying each other’s company, and admiring the view of Boston from the water.


Guests enjoying the brief speaker session.The CEO addressing his employees on the Spirit of Boston.








We transformed the top deck with creative uplighting and glow orbs that added a touch of whimsy under the summer sky. Indoors, guests enjoyed company trivia at each table with florals designed around the teal and orange company colors, and an impressive balloon garland that wrapped around the staircase, contributing to the fun, festive atmosphere. With a custom 10-year gobo shining on the dance floor, this event encompassed the heart & soul of Acacia.

Guests departed the ship with their custom-printed photos from the Spirit of Boston, and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies that were graciously passed from their staff. It was a night to remember for everyone, from Acacia to the team at Swank. Photos by the talented David Fox.

We’d love to plan your next company anniversary party, contact us today.


Guests enjoying their dinner.Custom pictures taken with staff as they entered with the Spirit of Boston life ring.








Glow orbs set to match the company logo colors







5 Ways to Brand Your Event

5 Ways to Brand Your Event

PERKS Convention

Wow! We’re still getting over how amazing the New York and Boston PERKS events were! From a planning perspective, one major focus this year was on branding the PERKS Conventions and we’re sharing some ideas here on the different components that came together to create this cohesive look.

What is PERKS? PERKS Conventions are interactive showcases of the best and most innovative services available to employers, for their employees. This experience-based trade show allows attendees the opportunity to experience all the services being offered (massages, manicures, meditation, etc.) as well as participate in additional classes and workshops that pertain to these services.  

The branding of the PERKS event took on some very different forms and all of it gave off a fun, colorful, laid back vibe, which is exactly what PERKS is all about! Here are examples of some of the different branding ideas you can utilize at your next event.

Signage and Wayfinding Decals

Large-scale floor and wall decals showcasing important event information (think logos, directional, #hashtags, upcoming event dates and locations) are all great branding opportunities. The decals on the walls and floors of the PERKS venues helped attendees navigate the multi-level event and continue to promote the next stops of the convention.

PERKS Boston

Take-home items

There are always the traditional stress balls, pens and reusable shopping bags that can be branded for your event, but you should also consider items specific to your industry that your event attendees will really use; custom power banks, high-end branded promotional products, reusable stainless steel water bottles, popsockets, card holders that attach to your phone and our personal favorite – SOCKS – all items that will be appreciated and utilized.

These fun, branded yoga mats were not only unique and useful, but they added a splash of color and provided yet another avenue to display the PERKS brand at the event.


Always use your brand colors when determining linen, table arrangements, lighting and other event décor. In this case, the PERKS logo was used in over-sized blocks, smaller blocks on the tables and throughout the space. Additionally, the color scheme was carried throughout the space with the uplighting in the stage area and customized stage backdrop.

PERKS Boston

Creating “Instagrammable” Opportunities

Giving guests an opportunity to take a photo with your logo and then post it on social media using a branded hashtag is always a great way to get your brand noticed. Whether it is a photo booth or a step and repeat (like below) – give attendees the opportunity to take a selfie to mark the occasion while using a branded hashtag.


Use your event theme to help with food choices, order customized cocktail napkins with your logo on it, develop a company signature beverage or even use your logo colors to highlight certain foods within your color scheme!

Utilizing your brand at an event can have a very different look and feel depending on who your audience is; if it is an external audience or potential clients, using your logo and company colors throughout an event to help solidify your brand identity in the minds of attendees is important. If your audience is internal, you can take a more subtle approach with colors and the use of your company logo – unless it is a launch or a re-branding event – in which your new logo would be highlighted. The possibilities are seemingly endless when using your logo!

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Photo credit to Bosse Studios.

3 Food Points to Consider for Your Next Event

3 Food Points to Consider for Your Next Event

Does the catering aspect of planning a big event have you overwhelmed? We sat down with Emma Roberts, Owner of Capers Catering, to get her take on how to determine the menu and current food trends they’re seeing. According to Emma, there are several things to consider when figuring out the food for your next event:

1 – Local, seasonal ingredients produce the most delicious outcomes. By partnering with local dairy and produce farmers, artisan cheeses makers, brewers, fish mongers, poultry and livestock farmers, bee keepers and others, Capers excels in creating seasonal dishes and believes that is the secret to catering success. According to Emma, “Customers who are flexible with their choices are the ones that we have the most success in making delicious menus for. We try to make our dishes as seasonal as possible, right down to fish that are available that day from suppliers.”

Seasonal meal by Capers Catering. Photo by David Tucker Photography

2 – Be sure to consider those with allergies. With food allergies more prominent today than ever, chefs must be able to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. When planning out the menu, be sure to have vegetarian, gluten-free, non-dairy and nut-free selections available to your guests. Better yet, surveying guests to learn of any allergies or dietary needs in advance is ideal when working with the caterer to determine the menu.

Amazing seasonal appetizers by Capers Catering, photo by Mandy Nelson Photography

3 – In addition to the food being delicious, it is also important to consider current trends and how the food will be presented. Emma explains that some of the latest ideas include serving a variety of small-plate entrées or making food interactive by presenting it in a non-traditional way. She says, “We’ve done pretzel and donut walls, had food hanging on chains for guests to pick from and even made a rolling bookshelf! Food should also be fun!” We couldn’t agree more!

What about a fun “Donut Wall”? Photo by Channing Johnson Photography

Offering delicious food options at your event is so important, but it is also about the attendees’ experience, so don’t forget to be creative with the presentation and offerings!

Contact us today to hear more about what to consider when planning your next corporate event.

Cover image: Sarah Bastille Photography

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Hiring a photographer for your next business event is an important decision, but before you go looking for the perfect professional, you have some homework to do according to Leah LaRiccia.

“You have to be clear on how these photos are going to be used after the event.  Is it for social media? Part of printed materials like a brochure or magazine?” Leah recommends key people in the organization meet to brainstorm how to capture the event and go over the following points:

  • Who are the key people you would like the photographer to focus on?
  • What are some of the key moments that need to be captured?
  • What feelings should the photos convey?  Causal? Formal?
  • Are you capturing specific aspects of the venue, food or on-site branding?

It’s about using the photographer to shoot your business event in a way that conveys “….what you want to say about your business.” says Leah  “The photographer is making your business look its best!” Going over these points well before the big day is important to ensure that expectations are met. Depending on what your answers are, it may influence what professional you hire based on their specialty or portfolio.

AIER hosting a curriculum workshop for teachers wanted photographs for use on social media and to showcase the students interacting with one another. By Leah LaRiccia Photography


AIER workshop by Leah LaRiccia Photography

“I had one client that wanted to show that they were fun and had a casual atmosphere versus another that wanted serious photos that would be used in their annual report to stockholders. I approached these two events very differently.”  explains Leah.

“[This] client wanted images for their website that would fit in seamlessly with their rebranding efforts. After meeting with members of the organization prior to the event, it became clear that they wanted images highlighting the important individuals presenting at the event. They also wanted to focus on interactions between event attendees in order to showcase the friendly and approachable nature of the firm.”

G20 by Leah LaRiccia Photography


G20 by Leah LaRiccia Photography


G20 by Leah LaRiccia Photography


Having an Event Planner available before and during the event is also extremely helpful for the other professionals working on the event – especially the photographer!  Great Event Planners can point out important people to photograph, help troubleshoot any issues as they arise and be familiar with the flow of the evening.

Our warmest thanks to Leah for her time and points to keep in mind when engaging a photographer.

Keep Swank Events in mind when planning your next event!