The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Cakes

For most couples, choosing their wedding cake can be one of the hardest decisions to make during the wedding planning process.  There are so many elements to a cake – color, size, flavor, shape, theme, decorations, etc…Wedding cake is also one of the item guests look forward to most at a wedding – it’s the most important dessert you will ever come across. Have no fear, Swank Events is here to help you make this decision a piece of cake…

Do: Compromise!

You and your fiancé can’t decide on a cake design? Rather than spending extra money on two separate cakes (a groom’s cake and bride’s cake) at your reception, merge your ideas onto one cake everyone will enjoy!  Marriage is all about compromise, right? You want a traditional cake but your fiancé wants the cake to express his love of superheroes? No problem… Take this awesome cake by Tier by Tier.  One side for more traditional wedding cake cutting photos and another side for more fun pictures, which will make you both happy!


Photo Credit: Tier by Tier


Photo Credit: Tier by Tier









Can’t decide on flavor? See Swank’s very own Kristin Healy’s dual creation with her other half which merges vanilla and chocolate – the best of both worlds!

Do: Taste the Cake

As you start researching bakeries, make sure they offer tastings and are willing to meet with you in person.  At tastings you will be able to sample cake, filing and frosting flavors, ask questions, and most importantly review portfolios. This is a perfect opportunity to meet your potential cake baker, get a feel for their style and ask them questions about what they can and cannot do.


Don’t: Under order

If there is wedding cake being served, every guest will expect a piece of it! According to Generally, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests; you’ll likely need five layers for 200 guests or more.  So, don’t expect a two-tiered cake to feed all 80 guests you have.

If you are looking for ways to save, but still want to serve wedding cake, you do have options! You can order a small cake for you and your new hubby to cut into, but also order sheet cakes to be cut up or have cupcakes served to your guests. Another idea is to have the cake plated and put out on a table, if it’s not served to each place setting, you do not need to order for the full guest count!


Photo Credit: Zev Fisher


Photo Credit: Zev Fisher










Don’t: Forget about the little details

Do you want a picture perfect cake? Make sure you remember every element involved: cake table, linen for table, cake stand if needed, cake topper, table decorations, flavor signs, etc.  Additionally, you want to make sure there is a specific spot where the cake will sit during the reception (preferable away from the bar, so people don’t sneak frosting tastes after a few drinks or bump into it).

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The Swank Team

A New Take on Upside-Down Cake!


Photo: The Butter End Cakery


So for those of you who lead healthy, productive lives and don’t spend every spare minute updating their feed, actress Kaley Cuoco recently tied the knot with Ryan Sweeting this past New Years Eve! You may know Kaley as resident hottie Penny on The Big Bang Theory, and her new hubby is a six-foot-five (!) Bahamian-born professional tennis player. These crazy kids made headlines this fall after becoming engaged after dating for only 3 months. The general public was (naturally) skeptical of their whirlwind courtship, and even Kaley conceded that “it looked a little crazy to some people.” Nonetheless, the lovebirds went full-speed ahead with their nuptials, and pulled off a gorgeous fire and ice themed wedding on December 31.
Photos from their New Years celebration are all over the interwebs by now, but the detail that we’re currently obsessing about is the CAKE!!! Grab a fork people, and FEAST YOUR EYES on THIS:


Photo: The Butter End Cakery


Apparently when Kaley and Ryan first approached LA cake shop The Butter End Cakery about designing their wedding cake, Kaley wanted her three rescue Pit Bulls to be sculpted into her wedding cake. However, cutting the heads and paws off of realistic dog cakes kind of creeped out owner Kimberly Bailey, so she suggested a dog cake as the groom’s cake (which is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Check it out on her blog!) and began throwing around alternative ideas for a main wedding cake. Once Kimberly started sketching out her idea of having an UPSIDE DOWN wedding cake as part of an extension of one of the elaborate chandeliers in the venue, Kaley apparently “lost it! She was down with it immediately.” Many, many sketches and logistical headaches later, and this fine feat of cake engineering was born:



Photo: The Butter End Cakery

Photo: The Butter End Cakery

Not only is this cake completely glamorous, but it is completely original and creative, which might be the thing we love most about it. Kudos to Kimberly Bailey and the talented crew at The Butter End Cakery! We can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future!