Bridal Shower Games You Should Play

If you’re anything like us, cheesy bridal shower games are just not your thing. So when we were recently tasked with coming up with games for a bridal shower, we were determined to find the most unique, fun (and not too cheesy) games out there.  We’ve shared our favorites below!

Who has the Groom?

We first saw this idea on the Normal Activities blog. It’s actually not a game, but just depends on where you sit. We taped an envelope with a “Who has the Groom?” label to the bottom of each chair. Inside the envelopes were cards with a tuxedo printout and a hunky male celebrity’s head taped to it. One lucky guest had a tuxedo with the groom’s head on it and she won the prize! We had so much fun creating these cards and even put the couple’s dog on a tuxedo!

Hello Charlie!

photo (8)who has the groom








Staches & Tiaras

This game was so much fun! We sent a list of questions to the bride and groom prior to the shower. For each question, we selected the best/funniest/most creative answer. Each guest received a mustache and tiara that we made. We read the questions along with the answer we chose to the guests and each guest had to hold up the mustache if they thought it was the groom’s response or the tiara if they thought it was the bride’s response. The person who gets the most right wins! We saw this creative idea on the Craftaholicsanonymous blog and switched up the questions a bit to get funnier responses. Seems like everyone had fun!

Attachment-1Attachment-1 (2)Attachment-1 (3)







Date Night Popsicle Sticks

Although most couples don’t want to admit this, after a while, you do run out of creative ideas for date night! Why not help the couple and have each guest write down an idea for a fun night on a popsicle stick? Put all of the popsicle sticks in a mason jar and the next time the couple is at home wondering what they should do, they just pick out a stick!


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Happy Planning!

The Swank Team