Happy Administrative Professionals Day!


On Friday evening, we had the pleasure of assisting with the Boston Executive Assistants (BEA) Annual Buzz Bash at the AC Marriott Hotel in Boston. This incredible group was formed by Vanessa Farinojust under two years ago and is made up of 1,000 brilliant, fun, welcoming women and men who are very supportive of one another. As stated on its website, “BEA is an organization that promotes the collaboration of Executive Assistants in the Greater Boston Area and unites them in a forum where like-minded and determined professionals come together to network and empower each other through shared professional experiences.”

And at Friday’s event, they did just that! The evening began with networking and Partner table exhibits. Once in the main room, Vanessa said a few words and then each person introduced themselves. Yes, you read that right, all 75 attendees said who they were, where they worked and something unique about them.We were in awe and completely inspired by these women and men – not to mention their fun facts were AH-MAZING.

Then Bonnie Low-Kramen, International speaker and former assistant to Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis gave a talk that was nothing short of empowering. Through her words, Bonnie encouraged the audience to find their voice, to request proper training that will allow them excel in their role as an EA and to help others understand that being an administrative assistant is a wonderful career, not just a stepping stone.

As event planners, we have a special appreciation for executive assistants, because we know that you are often asked to plan the company events on top of your already full workload – and what a daunting task. To those who find themselves in this situation, let us help!

Today and every day, we say thank you to all of the administrative assistants – we know how much you do and we appreciate you. We know the executives you support would be lost without you. And we are here to make your job easier! Contact us today!

Lights courtesy of Your Love in Lights