5 Ways to Brand Your Event

5 Ways to Brand Your Event

PERKS Convention

Wow! We’re still getting over how amazing the New York and Boston PERKS events were! From a planning perspective, one major focus this year was on branding the PERKS Conventions and we’re sharing some ideas here on the different components that came together to create this cohesive look.

What is PERKS? PERKS Conventions are interactive showcases of the best and most innovative services available to employers, for their employees. This experience-based trade show allows attendees the opportunity to experience all the services being offered (massages, manicures, meditation, etc.) as well as participate in additional classes and workshops that pertain to these services.  

The branding of the PERKS event took on some very different forms and all of it gave off a fun, colorful, laid back vibe, which is exactly what PERKS is all about! Here are examples of some of the different branding ideas you can utilize at your next event.

Signage and Wayfinding Decals

Large-scale floor and wall decals showcasing important event information (think logos, directional, #hashtags, upcoming event dates and locations) are all great branding opportunities. The decals on the walls and floors of the PERKS venues helped attendees navigate the multi-level event and continue to promote the next stops of the convention.

PERKS Boston

Take-home items

There are always the traditional stress balls, pens and reusable shopping bags that can be branded for your event, but you should also consider items specific to your industry that your event attendees will really use; custom power banks, high-end branded promotional products, reusable stainless steel water bottles, popsockets, card holders that attach to your phone and our personal favorite – SOCKS – all items that will be appreciated and utilized.

These fun, branded yoga mats were not only unique and useful, but they added a splash of color and provided yet another avenue to display the PERKS brand at the event.


Always use your brand colors when determining linen, table arrangements, lighting and other event décor. In this case, the PERKS logo was used in over-sized blocks, smaller blocks on the tables and throughout the space. Additionally, the color scheme was carried throughout the space with the uplighting in the stage area and customized stage backdrop.

PERKS Boston

Creating “Instagrammable” Opportunities

Giving guests an opportunity to take a photo with your logo and then post it on social media using a branded hashtag is always a great way to get your brand noticed. Whether it is a photo booth or a step and repeat (like below) – give attendees the opportunity to take a selfie to mark the occasion while using a branded hashtag.


Use your event theme to help with food choices, order customized cocktail napkins with your logo on it, develop a company signature beverage or even use your logo colors to highlight certain foods within your color scheme!

Utilizing your brand at an event can have a very different look and feel depending on who your audience is; if it is an external audience or potential clients, using your logo and company colors throughout an event to help solidify your brand identity in the minds of attendees is important. If your audience is internal, you can take a more subtle approach with colors and the use of your company logo – unless it is a launch or a re-branding event – in which your new logo would be highlighted. The possibilities are seemingly endless when using your logo!

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Photo credit to Bosse Studios.

Company Summer Event Ideas

Company Summer Event Ideas

Planning a corporate outing doesn’t have to be stressful. Consider these questions to help determine the perfect location and activity for your group – and then read on for some great spots!

  • Who are the attendees – employees only, employees and guest, or employees and their families?
  • What purpose will this event serve – celebration of company achievements, employee appreciation, or meetings / strategy session
  • What is the desired outcome – employee morale boost or productivity?

Once you have these questions answered you can start looking for an event professional, like Swank, to help with event idea generation and logistical planning. While some traditional outdoor corporate events may come to mind, like attending a sporting event or playing in a golf tournament, an event planner can help you look outside the box and take advantage of what beautiful New England has to offer!

Where To Go

Once you have your goals defined for the event, start exploring where you would like to hold it. Here are some of our favorite suggestions outside of Boston:


For a getaway and a taste of nature – head west! One place we enjoy is heading out to western Massachusetts to the Lenox area. There are various options for either a company retreat or a family-friendly gathering that include sleeping accommodations and local attractions. No matter where you hold the outing in the Berkshires, you should have activities planned both at the hotel / inn you are staying at as well as group outings to nearby sites.

North Shore

Looking for a beach experience? Heading to the Cape during the summer for a beach-side outing can be a daunting trip due to traffic and high seasonal pricing. Heading to the North Shore during the warmer months of the summer or early fall is a great alternative! Salem, Gloucester and Ipswich are all lovely locations that offer hotels, inns, dining and great historical outing opportunities beyond the beach.

On the Water

If you are Boston-based and want a unique experience just outside of the city, consider an outing to the Harbor Islands or a Charles River boat cruise – both are really fun options!


Another New England option that is rich in history and picturesque, with plenty to do is Newport RI and the Mansions. There are many events held throughout the spring and summer in the coastal enclave, so planning your outing well in advance to avoid or coincide with one of the many Newport happenings is crucial.

Wherever you hold your summer event, a professional event planner can help with the details and execution to make it a memorable occasion.

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Ground Breaking in Color

Ground Breaking in Color

Swank Events Boston was so excited to be a part of NBC 10’s Groundbreaking ceremony in August!

As we wrote about recently, the use of color at your event can evoke a mood, environment or build your branding!

The NBC primary colors are easy to recognize, but it’s always fun as an event planner to bring color into decorations or food in a new way. The cake reflected the NBC peacock colors, but by adding straws and candy that also used those colors – the branding is carried throughout the event without using the NBC logo.

As event planners, we really enjoy finding creative ways to bring the customer’s vision to life – and color is a big part of that, but we also like to help elevate the gathering’s mood or setting with the use of color, which doesn’t have to be limited to your logo colors only.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of these details of color!

[foogallery id=”6128″]

National Creativity Day

National Creativity Day

Last Wednesday, May 30th, was National Creativity Day.

While it may not seem like something to mark on your calendar, it makes us think of all of the amazing things we get to do as Corporate Event Planners; our job is to help clients bring their vision to life with unique touches!

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to flex our creative muscles daily! It may be something as simple as the centerpieces and decorations for a retirement party, or it could be the menu selections for a special event based on the evening’s theme.

Themed parties also give planners a chance to explore all the different ways to set an atmosphere for a room with flowers, food, activities and even the beverages! A company’s recent Great Gatsby event saw a typical hotel ballroom transformed into a roaring 1920’s speakeasy – complete with gaming tables!

The other aspect that motivates us creatively are the wonderful people we work with! While we’ve already talked about the benefits of hiring an event planner, our clients know that we are there to make their event look impressive and run as smooth as possible. It’s their excitement that makes us passionate about our work and rise to the challenge of each new engagement!

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Vanessa Farino, President of Boston Business Women and Kristin Healy, Owner & Creative Director of Swank Events – photo by Allegro Photography


Why You SHOULD Have a Company Event

Why You SHOULD Have a Company Event

Budget concerns.

Time constraints.

Lack of ideas or people to help with execution.

These are all common reasons why your business may not hold an annual company-wide event. However, according to the Corporate Leadership Council, statistics around retaining employees show that employers who engage their employees are 87% more likely to retain them.

Here are three reasons that support hosting a company event:

Building Connections Outside of the Office

Most of your employees will communicate with each other only during business hours, in the office, about work-related items. Giving them an opportunity to connect outside of their cubicles can help build relationships that continues back at the office.

Bring Employees into the Circle

Finding out about business plans through a memo (or worse, in a press release or the news) can make employees feel left-out of important company initiatives. By holding an event to announce, explain and build excitement around what your leadership team is planning for the organization, will make employees feel more of a part of the effort and are more likely to support it.

Secondary Promotional Value

Photos and excerpts from talks given can be utilized in both external and internal materials to give the company and its messaging life beyond the event. Press releases, social media posts, newsletter and follow-up emails from leadership are all going to be seen by a larger audience, creating further interest in what you do next time.

Other costs (and savings) to consider when planning an event:

Employee Recruitment & Replacement Costs

A great onboarding process is the first step to a positive, transparent employer-employee relationship, and continuing to share your company’s journey with your employees through regular in-person communications is also important. A well-planned company event can help continue to engage your employees in the company culture and goals.

Saving on the Event

Holding a meaningful company event may have a price tag associated with it, but hiring an event professional can also help control costs and keep your budget on-track. “One of the most important things a Corporate Event Planner brings to the table is our industry connections and ability to negotiate with vendors on price. I know what venues offer flexible pricing AND great amenities so I can help clients get the best packages.” says Kristin Healy, Owner and Creative Director of Swank Events. “Professional Event Planners also coordinate all of the logistics and book any necessary vendors, in addition to making sure everything goes smoothly so your staff is able to focus on their day to day responsibilities.”

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