How to Elevate Your Event and Design with Intention

How to Elevate Your Event and Design with Intention

To design an event with intention means to break down the event into smaller elements: food and beverage, entertainment, venue and physical space, decor and ambiance, and use your creativity to view the event both from the perspective of a professional planner and an attendee. Ask questions like,

“How do I maximize this space so people can eat, dance, drink and socialize?”

“How do I make sure attendees know who is hosting this event without being overbearing?”

“How can I make everything flow naturally and look beautiful?”

Let’s begin with furniture elements – it’s easy to switch up the style and color from velvet to leather, sleek bar stools to wooden low and high tables, to add to the overall atmosphere and bring out the theme. With so many options, intention is key. The type of furniture you choose impacts how your room looks and feels to your attendees. One of our favorite secrets to making a room feel larger is bringing in clear chairs!

Mirrors can have a stunning impact on elevating your event space. It’s an amazing investment that reflects the lighting and enhances the theme especially coupled with conscious design elements like candles and warm lighting. 

Bring intentional design into your floor plan and showcase your exhibits and guide guests to take in the whole experience by placing the bar, photo moment, stage, or main attraction towards the back of the event. Are you worried your bar line will be too long? Consider passing wine, champagne or a signature cocktail at the entrance. Guests will feel extra special upon arrival and it’s a win-win to cut down on wait times!

Looking to warm up a space? Add area rugs, trees, greenery or plants to bring color into your space! Large, leafy plants can help absorb echoes and other ambient sound. Outdoors, live plants can help create a barrier to soften the sounds of traffic from outside or music from within.

Signature drinks are an automatic crowd pleaser! This blue cocktail was delicious and fit in perfectly with the blue, white and gold theme. Check out more seasonal cocktail ideas in our blog post HERE.

Are you looking to add an extra activity to your event? What about a cocktail tasting? Make it even more special with local distillers.

Having a DJ is lots of fun BUT a live band can really get the crowd going. Nothing quite beats the energy and production quality of live music!


And finally, bring your branding into everything – from straws in your company’s signature colors, to matching the flowers and balloons, or even your socks, the little details go a long way. Whenever you have an opportunity to customize something or add branding we highly recommend doing so! It may be a small detail, but in the overall experience it ties everything together.  




Swank Events was excited to be a part of the EMPOW(HER) Forum put on by Boston Business Women on November 29th! We worked very closely with the BBW leadership team to pull together all of the details of the day, and what a day it was! Thanks to the speakers and all the attendees for an inspiring day of learning, sharing and positivity!  Photos from Allegro Photography and David Fox Photographer.


Vanessa Farino, President of Boston Business Women and Kristin Healy, Owner & Creative Director of Swank Events


An incredible line-up of speakers were awaiting attendees


Boston Business Women President Vanessa Farino opens the Forum


Elizabeth Pehota was the Master of Ceremonies for the day


Corinna Werkle, GM Business Unit Training, Reebok


Stephanie Shore, CMO of MOO


It was a full house at the BBW EMPOW(HER) Forum!


Keynote Speaker Carol Fulp, President & CEO of The Partnership, Inc.


Marie Rosecrans, SVP, Product Marketing, Salesforce


Jeanne Thompson, SVP, Thought Leadership at Fidelity


Danielle Russella, President, Client Solutions, American Well


Moderator Vineeta Kumar, Head of Business Strategy & Sales at Entromy leads panelists: Jane Carpenter, Head of Public Relations at Wayfair, Kate Gulliver, VP & Global Head of Talent at Wayfair, and Margaret Lawrence, VP of Trade and Business Programs at Wayfair


Finishing touches for a day of inspiring speakers!


We had wonderful cookies from Collettey’s Cookies at the Forum!  Collette is an inspiring young woman who has a special entrepreneurial spirit and is making her dreams come alive!


Collette DiVitto, Founder of Collettey’s Cookies speaking to the attendees


Founder of Moroccan Magic and BBW, Kristina Tsipouras


Amy Appleyard, VP of Sales, LogMeIn


We had such a fantastic time!