Sarah & Mike


How they met and fell in love…
Mike and Sarah met at Bloomsburg University through a mutual friend.  Mike used to go to gatherings at Sarah’s college house. They would always talk, but neither thought the other was interested.  Mike transferred to Penn State University after his junior year.  The last time Sarah saw him before he changed schools; they exchanged numbers, and jokingly talked about Sarah making a trip to visit him at Penn State. Sarah thought that would never happen because they barely knew each other.

Almost a year after that discussion, Mike and Sarah had lost touch.  It was now March of Sarah’s senior year of college.  One of her roommates decided to make a trip out to Penn State to see some friends.  Sarah was unsure if she would go or not when she received a message from Mike a few days before her friend was heading out. He said that he heard she might be coming out to Penn State that weekend and it would be great to catch up…so off to Penn State she went! Mike and Sarah ended up spending the entire day together, and it seemed like no time had passed since they had been at Bloomsburg together.

After that weekend they started talking and texting almost every day.  Mike went to Bloomsburg to visit, and met up with Sarah and her friends for her birthday the first week in May.  After graduation Sarah stayed on campus for a review class.  It just so happened that Mike grew up close to Bloomsburg University’s campus, so they spent the week going hiking and out on dates.  After the review class was over, Sarah moved back to Virginia and Mike moved to Philadelphia for a summer internship.

They spent that summer taking the “Megabus” back and forth from DC to Philly to visit each other, and started officially dating June 16, 2012.  After passing her nursing boards, Sarah moved to Greenville, SC and Mike went back to Penn State for his last year of college. However, they agreed that what they had was something special and if they never gave it a shot then they would always wonder, what if?

Mike and Sarah spent the next year traveling back and forth from Greenville, SC to State College, PA.  After Mike’s graduation, his company offered him a job in his dream city of Boston.  Once again they were faced with even further distance between them.  They mutually decided that he should go to Boston and if it was meant to be than it would work out.  They spent another 6 months traveling back and forth before they decided to take the next step in their relationship.  Sarah started applying for jobs in Boston and got an offer from a Cambridge hospital. She accepted the job and 6 months later she and Mike moved to Harvard Square, where they now have settled for at least a little while.











How they got engaged…
Fast forward to February 20, 2015, Mike and Sarah decided to plan a weekend trip up to Burlington, VT to learn how to cross country ski, and escape the Boston blizzard.  They started the day by having to jump start Sarah’s car and then having to refill the air in all of the tires.  Once they finally got to Burlington, they checked into their room which was overlooking Lake Champlain.  The lake was completely frozen over so they decided to go walk out on the lake and watch the sunset over the mountains.  It was a perfectly clear evening and the sunset was beautiful.  Mike got down on one knee (in the snow and ice) and asked Sarah to marry him.  It was a moment they will never forget.


We just love a good love story! We’re thrilled Mike & Sarah brought on the Swank Team to ensure a perfect day when they tie the knot this August.


The Swank Team