Ashley is a recent graduate from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management and Policy: Program and Event Management with a Minor in Tourism. She was able to complete her schooling in just three years. We are very excited to have her join our team with her fresh and new perspective on the events industry. She was a part of her University’s Event Management Club and Event Coordinator for UNH New Student Programs. Ashley has worked as Event Staff throughout her years in college, which has given her exposure to a wide variety of events. They have ranged from recreation events, high school proms, music venues, and corporate outings. She recently finished her internship with Chatham Bars Inn working corporate events and recreation. In Ashley’s free time she is an avid movie watcher, loves going to concerts, and traveling to visit her hometown and college friends.

Fun Facts:

  • Ashley lived in Venice Beach for the summer before her junior year of college
  • She dominates all the pop culture questions during a trivia night
  • Ashley refers to her car as Little Pump (short for Little Pumpkin)

Please help Swank Events Boston welcome Ashley!

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