Creating the mood and feel of your company’s event can be enhanced by well-designed lighting. Swank Events has had the pleasure of working with DesignLight on several projects and wanted to demonstrate how lighting can bring a new dimension to an event!

DesignLight Event Lighting

We spoke with Sandy Mulrey of DesignLight and she enjoys working with clients that …”are open to ideas and are involved in the process.” DesignLight works “….with everyone across different industries and are in touch with all kinds of vendors during an event planning process. You have to ask about details – like what color is the dance floor – because that will impact what we are doing. A professional Event Planner can help fine-tune the client’s vision and make sure all [the vendors] are on the same page.”

DesignLight Event lighting

DesignLight has worked with all kinds of clients in different types of venues and has used lighting to enhance specific aspects of an event based on the customers needs. A perfect example was working with a footwear company that had a new line launch and DesignLight was brought in to help design a fashion catwalk that would highlight the shoes being presented.

For DesignLight, their favorite venue is a blank slate; open spaces and little or no preexisting fixtures to work around. One thing they wish potential clients did know is to bring a lighting service into the planning process as early as possible. “We tend to be brought into the process after a venue has been selected and it may be a difficult place to work in to fulfill the client’s wishes. Historical sites can be especially tough.” states Sandy. “LED lighting has mitigated some of the issues relating to power usage, but there can still be some site restrictions. We’re familiar with locations all over New England so we can advise clients based on what they are planning.”

DesignLight Event Lighting

Sandy knows that most corporate customers understand the value of a lighting plan at an event and DesignLight can help with all kinds of lighting; functional lighting in addition to atmospheric lights, projection, set design and creative focus lighting – like the footwear product launch catwalk. If you want to feature it – DesignLight can light it!

DesignLight Event Lighting

Our special thanks to Sandy and DesignLight for this helpful discussion! We look forward to working with them again in the future and remember, if you need an Event Planner – contact Swank Events today!