What an eventful start to the year it’s been – pun intended! Two separate clients approached us to assist them in putting together their events. The interesting similarity between to two we had only one week lead time to complete them! We dropped everything to focus on pulling these events together – and we’re so happy with the results.

Managing the hundreds of details that go into an event can be overwhelming when you have several months to plan, but having to compress all of it into one week is incredibly stressful! By bringing Swank Events in, our clients were able to off-load the planning to us. Here’s where our vendor relationships really came into play as they were able to accommodate our last-minute requests for rentals, centerpieces and additional décor all within our client’s budget.

With this being an award ceremony, our client wanted the recipients to feel appreciated and make this event really special. To her, this meant creating a “WOW” moment for guests as they entered the room and it was our job to bring her vision to life!

With such a short timeframe, each day brought its own priority: Monday was spent at Peak determining which chairs, linens, and chargers best matched the theme. Tuesday was a visit with the florist to design the centerpieces. Wednesday was a final logistics meeting at the hotel to review the catering, AV and room set up. Thursday was pulling together the final details and packing materials, while Friday was spent setting up and coordinating vendor deliveries right up to the start of the event. It was an around-the-clock effort, but we think the results speak for themselves!

The theme of the evening was “Shine” which was highlighted by the marquee letters from Your Love in Lights and was augmented by the glittery gold tablecloths, mirror tables and gold chargers. The warm room ambiance was created by the low-lighting within the ballroom and adding string lights within cloches or faux candle groupings at the tables. A mix of table sizes and settings gave an eclectic but classy vibe. The evening entailed a dinner, so tall flower arrangements that didn’t interfere with conversation or sight-lines around the room were important. Our friends at Lotus Floral Events came through with elegant orchids and sparkling gold branch arrangements.

Bring Swank Events Boston in and we can help make your event something to remember – and help you keep your sanity throughout the process!