Gathering friends and family together for a night of fun can be a simple affair, but the Oscars are this weekend so why not throw a themed party to make the evening one to remember (even if you haven’t seen half the films nominated!)?

There are lots of ways to make your party stand out:

  • Attire: Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite character in a movie or drag out that old bridesmaid dress to walk down the red carpet with!
  • Décor: The Red carpet is important – why not use a table runner as a quick stand-in for the night?  Golden balloons and other “gold” accents will help set the tone of the evening!
  • Food: Movie themed food is an easy one to Google, but you can also have a popcorn bar with different flavors and toppings for guests to try.  Candy bars are also fun with movie theatre candy options in bulk for guests to fill containers with.
  • Drinks: signature cocktail & champagne

We all know that the awards can also take a while, so give your guests things to do during the evening with games and more!

  • Games: Download a free Oscar bingo card and give out mini gold statues to winners!
  • Picture fun:
    • Have a “photographer” to serve as paparazzi taking photos as guests arrive and walk down the red carpet. Best pose gets a prize!
    • Setup a fun DIY photo booth – themed props – directors mic, old movie reel, big sunglasses, diamond necklaces!
  • “Goody bags”/gifts for guests – You can make your own “swag” items for guests to leave with so they will always remember the fun!

Having a fun evening and making memories is what a party is all about!  Swank Events strives make our clients events one where guests have unique, creative experiences that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary! Be sure to contact us about your next event!