We had so much fun planning and executing this year’s Vestmark company holiday party with a non-traditional theme of the 1970’s!

We were thrilled to see all of the attendees got into the spirit of the celebration by wearing 70’s outfits and boogieing the night away to the amazing Motor Booty Affair coordinated by Murray Hill Talent.

Motor Booty Affair were the real deal covering a plethora of 1970 songs including all the party favorites like “YMCA” and “That’s the Way” which got the guests on the dance floor! Motor Booty also had costume changes, mirror balls, awesome lighting effects – and afro’s! They were the real deal and highly entertaining! Photos below by Kristen Renneker Photography.

1970 party Motor Booty Affair

Swank Events was excited to once again partner with the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Boston and some key vendors to lend excitement to the night! Casino Productions provided different gaming table options for guests with amazing light displays that added to the atmosphere – these tables are always a huge hit with this group. Art of the Event‘s light-up bars perfectly complemented the colorful centerpieces designed by Swank Events (which guests loved so much that they took them home at the end of the evening!).

Light up bar from Art of the Event

Swank Events also had fun designing (with the help from Print House) a unique charger plate in the form of a vinyl record with a label marking the date and occasion on it. It was also a unique takeaway gift for the guests to remember the evening by.

Overall, it was one of the grooviest holiday party experiences that Swank Events has had the pleasure of pulling together!

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Below, Nicole Guilmartin & Kristin Healy, Owner and Creative Director of Swank Events Boston