Flowers are often a type of event decor most widely used at weddings and other social events. They’re typically very carefully selected, and hold some sort of meaning to the event hosts.

But who’s to say they aren’t a perfectly good decoration for corporate events, too? The key is just in how you use them to support your event and your goals. Here we’ll share a few insider tips on how to make florals work for your next corporate event. If you’re still left with questions at the end, we’d love to help you answer them.

Flowers often set the tone for an event – they can be wild and crazy, playful and casual, elegant and fancy, or just plain fun. Depending on what varieties you choose, and how you choose to display them, they can really convey a feeling that’s in line with what you’re hoping your event will be.

Flowers come in so many different shades of color, so at the very minimum, why not spruce up your space with flowers in a familiar hue? Using company colors through flowers to “brand” your event is a must, and super simple to do.

Not crazy about flowers, or bold colors in general? No worries – plants work too! There are many different types of plants, shrubs, and greenery – both for indoor and outdoor events – that can create an inviting space with a touch of nature, but without the fuss of fresh cut flowers.

succulent wall planter

Image credit: Homedit

The best part of using plants in lieu of flowers? Plants can serve as office decor after the event is over. Flowers have a definitive shelf life, but things like a living succulent wall live on long after the celebration has ended, and serve as a pleasant reminder of a great time.

Plants or flowers, there’s also the option of using live growth to spell your a company name or create a company logo. This can be as basic or extravagant as you choose, but it’s a fun way to reinforce your company’s branding in a new and creative way.

No matter what you choose, incorporating living elements into your event adds dimension, and a natural touch that provides warmth and beauty unparalleled by anything else.

What’s your favorite way to add flowers to a corporate event?