If your team is working across the country, or not quite ready to party together in person, consider these three super festive and engaging ways to celebrate virtually together. Virtual events can seem daunting to plan, but consider ending a Friday workday short and having us plan one of the below activities for the latter part of the day!  

A virtual cocktail party! Create custom cocktail kits to send to each team member or employee with everything they would possibly need – from shakers, to spirits, martini glasses, recipe cards and maybe even a snack pairing.

This is a fun way to get creative and elevate your virtual happy hour. Consider creating a custom cocktail named after your company, or have a contest beforehand for the most creative cocktail recipe. Add on a local dessert delivery to amp up the experience! An even more special way to share a local favorite from your company’s HQ with out-of-town and in-town employees alike.

A festive floral class or charcuterie lesson! Similar to the above idea, gather all the materials into kits for the class. Whether that be cheeses, fruits and meats on a branded wooden board, or fresh flowers, decorative accents or a balsam wreath, we’ll find you find top-of-the line local instructors so your team can enjoy creating something seasonal together and share it with their family! 

A paint and sip night! You can send your team all the materials they need – from the easels, to paints, canvases, a full tutorial, and you could even throw in snacks and wine.

We’ll find a local artist and paint and sip teacher to customize the experience for your team and pick a fun piece of art that everyone can create. 

Do you have another way you are celebrating the holidays and this year’s achievements virtually with your team? Share it with us in the comments, and let us know how we can help make any of these ideas a reality for you this year!