Maybe you want to deliver some exciting news about your business.

Maybe you want to bring in potential customers to learn more about what you do.

Maybe you are giving your employees important training for their work.

Whatever your intention is for your event, you need to have a plan to get people excited to be there with you.

Here are several points to be clear on when getting your message out to your intended audience:

  • Value of the event: What will people walk away with?  
  • Importance that they attend: Why you can offer what no one else can?
  • Engagement while there: What will they do, experience and have fun with?

Then you must have a method for reaching your attendees and building the excitement and value around your event.

  • Email marketing is a solid way of inviting, reminding and building your messaging around a trade show, company meeting, training or party
  • Social Media can build an audience and the excitement level with planned promotions, sneak peeks and special offers for attendees
  • Visibility on your website will also build awareness to anyone visiting – employees, vendors, customers & potential customers

Even if your event is a mandatory meeting for your employees or a vendor appreciation party – there should still be a clear communication plan that will create excitement for the event, so that people will want to be there. It may seem strange to market to a captive audience, but having a crowd that is open and receptive to your presentation vs. wishing they were anywhere but there is clear indicator of success.

Having a dedicated team and budget for building event attendance, media coverage and engagement is a crucial factor in making your event a success by whatever methods of measurement you chose to use. Hiring a professional event planner to take on the logistics of planning & running the day could free up your internal resources to allow them to drive attendance and marketing around the event.

Post-event, what are you going to do to keep the goodwill going? Having a post-event marketing plan is important to cash-in on the momentum your event built to acquire new customers or customer loyalty, positive employee engagement and get people excited for your next big happening!