The novel coronavirus has completely taken our world for a spin the past couple of months. Unfortunately, the events industry was one of the first to take a hard hit, leaving planners, companies, universities, and more scrambling to find a solution to the gatherings that have been planned for months. Until we get back to normal life, our industry will continue to be severely impacted; but we’re here to lighten the load.

The biggest question to ask: Can the event still go on?

The answer to that will depend on many factors.

When is the event?

Unfortunately, there’s no specific “date” of when things will start to return back to normal. If your event is between now and June, an in-person gathering is not an option, and you should start brainstorming your next steps. After that, especially an event happening before or through the fall, it’s still up in the air, but we have better chances of being able to do an in-person gathering by then.

Before you consider postponing your event, consider hosting a virtual event.

It can be an effective way to still execute your event, but of course there are a few things you’ll want to examine before you make that decision.

  • What is the purpose of your meeting? Would it still be possible to get your message across on a virtual platform?
  • Are your attendees equipped with the necessary technology & knowledge to join a virtual event?

If you’re still not convinced a virtual event would work for you, we’ve created this pros and cons infographic to help you weigh out your options. Stay tuned until next week for info on rescheduling an event.