10 Years of Disruptive Innovation Celebrated at Sea

10 Years of Disruptive Innovation Celebrated at Sea

We had a great experience celebrating Acacia’s 10th Anniversary of “disruptive innovation”. Their team members traveled from offices all over to board the Spirit of Boston and enjoy a night at sea to commemorate the many achievements of the optical communications company.

Upon boarding the ship, guests were welcomed with their choice of wine, beer and delicious hors d’oeuvres, after snapping a nautical photo with the Spirit of Boston buoy, of course. 


Spirit of Boston employees welcoming guests with champagne and beer.Employees wearing orange socks with the Acacia 10-year logos on it


On board, there was so much to see between the stunning city views, the top deck lounge, and the indoor dining space that was so thoughtfully designed with the help of our wonderful vendors: Lotus Floral Events, Your Love in Lights, the Party Lab, Print House and CCR Solutions. And, we can’t forget the breathtaking sunset that took over the Boston Harbor that night.

The dining setup with centerpieces on the Spirit of Boston.Guests posing in front of the picturesque sunset.








As the evening kicked off, CEO, Raj Shanmugaraj, reflected on the growth, success, and future of the company with a brief speech that left guests laughing, excited, and ready to enjoy the evening while honoring their accomplishments. Then the Spirit of Boston crew took over, serving a delectable dinner buffet and providing entertainment with their in-house DJ. By the end of the night, guests were dancing, enjoying each other’s company, and admiring the view of Boston from the water.


Guests enjoying the brief speaker session.The CEO addressing his employees on the Spirit of Boston.








We transformed the top deck with creative uplighting and glow orbs that added a touch of whimsy under the summer sky. Indoors, guests enjoyed company trivia at each table with florals designed around the teal and orange company colors, and an impressive balloon garland that wrapped around the staircase, contributing to the fun, festive atmosphere. With a custom 10-year gobo shining on the dance floor, this event encompassed the heart & soul of Acacia.

Guests departed the ship with their custom-printed photos from the Spirit of Boston, and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies that were graciously passed from their staff. It was a night to remember for everyone, from Acacia to the team at Swank. Photos by the talented David Fox.

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Guests enjoying their dinner.Custom pictures taken with staff as they entered with the Spirit of Boston life ring.








Glow orbs set to match the company logo colors







5 Ways to Brand Your Event

5 Ways to Brand Your Event

PERKS Convention

Wow! We’re still getting over how amazing the New York and Boston PERKS events were! From a planning perspective, one major focus this year was on branding the PERKS Conventions and we’re sharing some ideas here on the different components that came together to create this cohesive look.

What is PERKS? PERKS Conventions are interactive showcases of the best and most innovative services available to employers, for their employees. This experience-based trade show allows attendees the opportunity to experience all the services being offered (massages, manicures, meditation, etc.) as well as participate in additional classes and workshops that pertain to these services.  

The branding of the PERKS event took on some very different forms and all of it gave off a fun, colorful, laid back vibe, which is exactly what PERKS is all about! Here are examples of some of the different branding ideas you can utilize at your next event.

Signage and Wayfinding Decals

Large-scale floor and wall decals showcasing important event information (think logos, directional, #hashtags, upcoming event dates and locations) are all great branding opportunities. The decals on the walls and floors of the PERKS venues helped attendees navigate the multi-level event and continue to promote the next stops of the convention.

PERKS Boston

Take-home items

There are always the traditional stress balls, pens and reusable shopping bags that can be branded for your event, but you should also consider items specific to your industry that your event attendees will really use; custom power banks, high-end branded promotional products, reusable stainless steel water bottles, popsockets, card holders that attach to your phone and our personal favorite – SOCKS – all items that will be appreciated and utilized.

These fun, branded yoga mats were not only unique and useful, but they added a splash of color and provided yet another avenue to display the PERKS brand at the event.


Always use your brand colors when determining linen, table arrangements, lighting and other event décor. In this case, the PERKS logo was used in over-sized blocks, smaller blocks on the tables and throughout the space. Additionally, the color scheme was carried throughout the space with the uplighting in the stage area and customized stage backdrop.

PERKS Boston

Creating “Instagrammable” Opportunities

Giving guests an opportunity to take a photo with your logo and then post it on social media using a branded hashtag is always a great way to get your brand noticed. Whether it is a photo booth or a step and repeat (like below) – give attendees the opportunity to take a selfie to mark the occasion while using a branded hashtag.


Use your event theme to help with food choices, order customized cocktail napkins with your logo on it, develop a company signature beverage or even use your logo colors to highlight certain foods within your color scheme!

Utilizing your brand at an event can have a very different look and feel depending on who your audience is; if it is an external audience or potential clients, using your logo and company colors throughout an event to help solidify your brand identity in the minds of attendees is important. If your audience is internal, you can take a more subtle approach with colors and the use of your company logo – unless it is a launch or a re-branding event – in which your new logo would be highlighted. The possibilities are seemingly endless when using your logo!

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Photo credit to Bosse Studios.

Groovy ’70’s Holiday Party

Groovy ’70’s Holiday Party

We had so much fun planning and executing this year’s Vestmark company holiday party with a non-traditional theme of the 1970’s!

We were thrilled to see all of the attendees got into the spirit of the celebration by wearing 70’s outfits and boogieing the night away to the amazing Motor Booty Affair coordinated by Murray Hill Talent.

Motor Booty Affair were the real deal covering a plethora of 1970 songs including all the party favorites like “YMCA” and “That’s the Way” which got the guests on the dance floor! Motor Booty also had costume changes, mirror balls, awesome lighting effects – and afro’s! They were the real deal and highly entertaining! Photos below by Kristen Renneker Photography.

1970 party Motor Booty Affair

Swank Events was excited to once again partner with the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Boston and some key vendors to lend excitement to the night! Casino Productions provided different gaming table options for guests with amazing light displays that added to the atmosphere – these tables are always a huge hit with this group. Art of the Event‘s light-up bars perfectly complemented the colorful centerpieces designed by Swank Events (which guests loved so much that they took them home at the end of the evening!).

Light up bar from Art of the Event

Swank Events also had fun designing (with the help from Print House) a unique charger plate in the form of a vinyl record with a label marking the date and occasion on it. It was also a unique takeaway gift for the guests to remember the evening by.

Overall, it was one of the grooviest holiday party experiences that Swank Events has had the pleasure of pulling together!

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Below, Nicole Guilmartin & Kristin Healy, Owner and Creative Director of Swank Events Boston

The Great Gatsby!

The Great Gatsby!

What an amazing event theme for a great company!  We had so much fun planning this holiday event for Vestmark!  Special thanks to Kristen Renneker Photography for capturing the roaring 20’s theme perfectly in these photos!

Using a consistent tone-on-tone color scheme not only worked with the hotel décor, but also had an elegant feeling to it with the different metal tones called out in the linen and centerpieces, contributing to the overall look.

The flower arrangements have the personality of a 1920’s flapper with the beads, feathers and fringe!  This layered look with simple gold balls in the vase give the centerpiece a sense of grander without using a lot of flowers.

The 20’s glamour comes to life with the centerpiece and table setting

Events with a theme that lends itself to other activities – such as gambling – are fun to work with! In this case, we collaborated with Casino Productions to rent gaming tables, chips and dealers, creating an authentic experience for the guests. Offering prizes for the top winners at your event is a great way to encourage everyone to have fun while at the tables!

Employees got to try their luck with the dice!


Gambling in good fun at the venue!

Recalling the feeling of Prohibition, simple mason jars holding condiments (and not “bathtub gin”) is another whimsical touch to the evening.  You can customize menu options to serve items popular in the 20’s – which might include a Waldorf salad!

Buffet table at the event decked out with lights

When not eating, enjoying 1920’s mixed drinks or playing at gaming tables, guests participated in photo booth fun! An array of hats, feather boas and 1920’s era props were offered as another way to get attendees into the theme of the evening.

Everyone had fun with the Great Gatsby theme!

We had a blast planning this one and it was clear that the attendees enjoyed themselves, too! Check out the rest of the gallery below!  Contact us today for some unique theme ideas for your next big event!