At Swank Events, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to work with such amazing clients.  And every once in awhile we find ourselves fortunate enough to work with the friends of former clients, and the fun starts all over again!

A few years ago, Kelli had the pleasure of helping Mary Beth plan her sister Judy’s surprise birthday party (and WHAT A PARTY that one was)! We were thrilled to hear from Mary Beth again in April, however this time she was referring her good friend Mike, who was trying to pull together a surprise 50th birthday party for his wife, Beth. After talking to Mike, it was clear that Beth was a pretty spectacular individual and he wanted to throw an equally spectacular birthday party for her. Unfortunately, Mike’s original venue cancelled on him just a month before the party date. With a busy schedule and family vacation coming up, Mike knew there was a lot of planning left to make this party happen, and very little time to do it! We are so glad he called in the Swank team to help pull together all the details!

The venue for this top secret affair was the Pavilion at the Connors Center in Dover, MA. The simple, open air Pavilion provided a nice, laid-back feel and the perfect atmosphere for this party.


Coral and lilac tones brought color and warmth into the Pavilion, and globe lights contributed to the ambiance of the evening.

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The Grits and Groceries Orchestra not only provided an excellent assortment of funk and soul music, but also provided the cover story that made the surprise a success! We had a friend of the birthday girl invite Beth and Mike to hear the G&G Orchestra play a concert nearby that night. Little did Beth know that the “local concert” she thought she was going to was actually a fantastic party with 50 of her nearest and dearest there to celebrate her!

Bone Daddy’s Burgers food truck catered the party, providing a great assortment of fresh burgers, truffle fries, vegetarian options and tasty basil lemonade.

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Using photos provided by Beth’s sister and friends, Kelli created customized image boards spelling out Beth’s name with pictures of her with family and friends over the years.



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Mason jars doubled as guests’ customized drinking glasses for the evening and favors.

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Mike wanted this party to have a sentimental factor, so Kelli suggested doing memory letters. Mike secretly reached out to all of Beth’s family and friends, and asked them to send him their favorite memory of Beth. The response was overwhelming and the memories that people contributed were HILARIOUS! After reading those letters, we absolutely understand why so many people love Beth! The Swank Events team printed out the letters and placed them in sealed envelopes for Beth to read later. We also included extra paper and envelopes for any of the guests at the party who didn’t have a chance to send in their memories beforehand.


This fantastic surprise party was definitely one of our favorites. Mike and Beth, thank you SO MUCH for letting us be a part of this big night! We can’t wait to celebrate with you and your friends again soon!


The Swank Team