Does the catering aspect of planning a big event have you overwhelmed? We sat down with Emma Roberts, Owner of Capers Catering, to get her take on how to determine the menu and current food trends they’re seeing. According to Emma, there are several things to consider when figuring out the food for your next event:

1 – Local, seasonal ingredients produce the most delicious outcomes. By partnering with local dairy and produce farmers, artisan cheeses makers, brewers, fish mongers, poultry and livestock farmers, bee keepers and others, Capers excels in creating seasonal dishes and believes that is the secret to catering success. According to Emma, “Customers who are flexible with their choices are the ones that we have the most success in making delicious menus for. We try to make our dishes as seasonal as possible, right down to fish that are available that day from suppliers.”

Seasonal meal by Capers Catering. Photo by David Tucker Photography

2 – Be sure to consider those with allergies. With food allergies more prominent today than ever, chefs must be able to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. When planning out the menu, be sure to have vegetarian, gluten-free, non-dairy and nut-free selections available to your guests. Better yet, surveying guests to learn of any allergies or dietary needs in advance is ideal when working with the caterer to determine the menu.

Amazing seasonal appetizers by Capers Catering, photo by Mandy Nelson Photography

3 – In addition to the food being delicious, it is also important to consider current trends and how the food will be presented. Emma explains that some of the latest ideas include serving a variety of small-plate entrées or making food interactive by presenting it in a non-traditional way. She says, “We’ve done pretzel and donut walls, had food hanging on chains for guests to pick from and even made a rolling bookshelf! Food should also be fun!” We couldn’t agree more!

What about a fun “Donut Wall”? Photo by Channing Johnson Photography

Offering delicious food options at your event is so important, but it is also about the attendees’ experience, so don’t forget to be creative with the presentation and offerings!

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Cover image: Sarah Bastille Photography