Blooming in Winter

Blooming in Winter

There is nothing like a beautiful flower arrangement to bring a sense of nature to the indoors! During the winter months, flowers can help uplift spirits, bring fresh scents inside and add color to any space.

There are several things to keep in mind when decorating with flowers at your next event:

  • Each season has different flowers in bloom. When working within a budget, learn what flowers are in-season or might be locally grown to help control costs.
  • Flowers have different pollen levels.  Keeping in mind that many people suffer from environmental allergies, you may want to choose blooms with low-pollen counts such as Hydrangea or tulips.
  • Flower colors have meanings. While you may choose colors to go with your event theme, keep in mind there are  meanings attached to specific colors such as yellow which symbolizes friendship.
  • Flower types also have different meanings. An Amaryllis is symbolic of splendid beauty. It is also used to indicateworth beyond beauty”. If you are marking a special occasion, speak with your florist for ideas on what flowers to include to support your theme.
  • Utilizing plants vs. cut flowers is another option for centerpieces.  Succulents, blooming plants (like paper whites) or orchids are all lovely options for decorating tables with.

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Giveaway and Swag Ideas for your Next Event

Giveaway and Swag Ideas for your Next Event

Everyone loves a free t-shirt, right?

Well they might, but it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to free event attendee items and gifts for important speakers or people you want to recognize at your next company event. Being creative with your branding choices and not spending money on cheap tchotchkes will go a long way! Here are some alternative ideas:

  • Survival Kits – Some events are multiple days, long hours or involve a trip away from home. Gift your attendees with small grab bags full of helpful items such as, pain reliever packs, snack bars, pen/notepad and fuzzy socks with your company logo.
  • Photo Op – We love the idea of creating a branded wall with props or messaging that carries your event or meeting theme. Then give attendees a hashtag to use and you’ve given them the gift of memories with co-workers, attendees or speakers in addition to getting your brand out there. It’s a win-win.
  • Supporting local businesses or charities – Making a connection with community around you can also go a long way with event attendees. Have a display of funding goals or projects with your company’s not-for-profit of choice or spotlight a local store with their goods or services at the event.
  • Hand sanitizer – Seems like a cliché, but keeping people healthy when they are at an event is important and a little bottle of sanitizer or wipes can help.

You may also want to think about doing something special for speakers, guests or panelists you have at your event.  Let’s get some of the don’ts out-of-the-way for guest gifts:

  • Anything large, heavy or unusually sized – If it’s not going to fit in a carry-on suitcase then either offer to ship it to the person’s home or re-think your gift.
  • Food – You may not know if someone has specific food allergies and staying away from something perishable (like a food basket or fruit arrangement) that might be wasted, is a good idea.
  • Alcohol – Cited as one of the most impersonal gifts you can give a speaker, it’s best to avoid it all together.
  • The free stuff you are giving out to attendees – Even if you paid your speaker, get them something special to show your company’s appreciation for their effort to make your event memorable.

What would a speaker like as a gift? Try giving them a framed professional photo of them speaking at the event or make a donation to the charity your company sponsors in their name.  They will also want the gift of exposure so, as a part of your event follow-up, be sure to highlight them in your social media posts and press release coverage.

The Great Gatsby!

The Great Gatsby!

What an amazing event theme for a great company!  We had so much fun planning this holiday event for Vestmark!  Special thanks to Kristen Renneker Photography for capturing the roaring 20’s theme perfectly in these photos!

Using a consistent tone-on-tone color scheme not only worked with the hotel décor, but also had an elegant feeling to it with the different metal tones called out in the linen and centerpieces, contributing to the overall look.

The flower arrangements have the personality of a 1920’s flapper with the beads, feathers and fringe!  This layered look with simple gold balls in the vase give the centerpiece a sense of grander without using a lot of flowers.

The 20’s glamour comes to life with the centerpiece and table setting

Events with a theme that lends itself to other activities – such as gambling – are fun to work with! In this case, we collaborated with Casino Productions to rent gaming tables, chips and dealers, creating an authentic experience for the guests. Offering prizes for the top winners at your event is a great way to encourage everyone to have fun while at the tables!

Employees got to try their luck with the dice!


Gambling in good fun at the venue!

Recalling the feeling of Prohibition, simple mason jars holding condiments (and not “bathtub gin”) is another whimsical touch to the evening.  You can customize menu options to serve items popular in the 20’s – which might include a Waldorf salad!

Buffet table at the event decked out with lights

When not eating, enjoying 1920’s mixed drinks or playing at gaming tables, guests participated in photo booth fun! An array of hats, feather boas and 1920’s era props were offered as another way to get attendees into the theme of the evening.

Everyone had fun with the Great Gatsby theme!

We had a blast planning this one and it was clear that the attendees enjoyed themselves, too! Check out the rest of the gallery below!  Contact us today for some unique theme ideas for your next big event!