How am I supposed to know all this?!

bride and groom with questions

If you are planning the first wedding of your life – whether it is your own, your friend’s, your mom’s or whomever else in your life you want to dedicate your time to — you may not know where to begin! Many people have negative connotations with event planners, assuming the planner will get in the way, be too expensive, or worst of all, take the individuality of the couple out of the event.  Fortunately, for the event planning business including for those of us at Swank Events, none of this is true.  The event planner’s sole purpose is to make your event happen on an agreed upon budget, and just the way you are expecting!

There are thousands of advantages to having an event planner, but let me start by painting you this picture: You, and your husband or bride-to-be, work full time. You live across the country from your relatives or you simply wouldn’t trust your monumental event in the hands of crazy Aunt Sue. This is your first wedding/major event to plan. You get engaged and people ask you “have you set a date?” For many people this question is answerable right away, or after some time, as a couple, you decide on the perfect date. Then the follow up questions: “are you having it in a church?” “Which church?” “Where is your reception?” “Have you called yet, because I hear they book up years in advance?” “What kind of food will you serve?” “Are you having live music?” “What are you doing for favors?” All of a sudden what seemed like what would take a little organization and follow-up phone calls became a deluge of details and a full time job you didn’t have the time or energy to take on. Where do you begin? How do you KNOW where to begin?

Your wedding should be a joyous, memorable occasion that you spend with your family and close friends! You should not stress about where the florist can store their belongings, when the DJ is going to eat, or how the venue or caterer should set up the tables! For anyone who has questioned whether or not hiring an event planner is a good idea, ask yourself if you know how much a good DJ should cost? Where to get the best in-season flowers? How much is the average cost for a filet or baked haddock in your local area? How many months out should you book your reception location?  The Swank Team doesn’t expect clients to know the answers to these questions and we will work with clients through every decision along the planning process.  Not only do we want you to get what you’re hoping for, but we want to understand how certain decisions are to be made — you may have thought the colors were the most important aspect to a wedding only to find out really what’s important comes from a conversation between you and your future spouse.  Maybe it is colors, or maybe its having an exquisite photographer to capture every single moment of the day for you to look back on in the years down the road.

Even if you’ve gotten a lot of the major details ironed out – the location, the church, the guest numbers, the color scheme and the caterer to name a few – the Swank Team is happy to step in at any point during your planning and lend expertise and professional planning assistance! As a Swank Events Boston client you are not expected to know a lot (or any!) of the answer to many of the questions that crop up during your planning process. It’s okay for us if you need clarification, explanation, or even a little bit of hand holding. We want your memorable moments to be as perfect as you imagined from start to finish with no hassle, no surprises you weren’t planning, and with all of the joy and love that could be expected!

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Happy planning!

~Swank Team