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3 Reasons to Add Greenery to Your Event Space

Adding greenery to your event space can transform a dreary, dull room into one with vibrant color, warmth and energy. You can mix and match with a variety of color palettes and designs. Here are our top 3 reasons to add some greenery to your event space: 1. It's...

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5 Fall Cocktails for your Next Event

 5 Fall Cocktails for your Next Event We love a good cocktail made with Prosecco. It can be combined with seasonal ingredients to make the perfect drink anytime of the year. We've pulled together a list of our favorite Fall Prosecco Cocktails in case you also like the...

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Event Signage: How to Elevate Your Next Event

Events have many moving parts, and getting your attendees to smoothly locate and move throughout your venue is vital. Swank Events can help your company create impactful signage that can offer more than just directional value! This summer we were apart of IntelyCare's...

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What Makes a Successful Event Planner?  

It’s not rocket science, or surgery, but it’s a skill set honed over many late nights, spreadsheets, sticky situations, last-minute hiccups, and a passion for helping people celebrate life’s little and big moments. So what are you waiting for! Let’s take your event to the next level together.

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Six Sweet Swag Items to Show Your Employees Some Love

The smallest of gestures can make your team feel valued, appreciated, and special this Valentine’s Day. Couple that with a team lunch or coffee run on the boss and you’ll have the perkiest team in town. Here are six sweet swag items to gift your team this month. Everything below is sourced from the Print House – mention this blog or Swank Events for 10% off all month long.  

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