Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Hiring a photographer for your next business event is an important decision, but before you go looking for the perfect professional, you have some homework to do according to Leah LaRiccia.

“You have to be clear on how these photos are going to be used after the event.  Is it for social media? Part of printed materials like a brochure or magazine?” Leah recommends key people in the organization meet to brainstorm how to capture the event and go over the following points:

  • Who are the key people you would like the photographer to focus on?
  • What are some of the key moments that need to be captured?
  • What feelings should the photos convey?  Causal? Formal?
  • Are you capturing specific aspects of the venue, food or on-site branding?

It’s about using the photographer to shoot your business event in a way that conveys “….what you want to say about your business.” says Leah  “The photographer is making your business look its best!” Going over these points well before the big day is important to ensure that expectations are met. Depending on what your answers are, it may influence what professional you hire based on their specialty or portfolio.

AIER hosting a curriculum workshop for teachers wanted photographs for use on social media and to showcase the students interacting with one another. By Leah LaRiccia Photography


AIER workshop by Leah LaRiccia Photography

“I had one client that wanted to show that they were fun and had a casual atmosphere versus another that wanted serious photos that would be used in their annual report to stockholders. I approached these two events very differently.”  explains Leah.

“[This] client wanted images for their website that would fit in seamlessly with their rebranding efforts. After meeting with members of the organization prior to the event, it became clear that they wanted images highlighting the important individuals presenting at the event. They also wanted to focus on interactions between event attendees in order to showcase the friendly and approachable nature of the firm.”

G20 by Leah LaRiccia Photography


G20 by Leah LaRiccia Photography


G20 by Leah LaRiccia Photography


Having an Event Planner available before and during the event is also extremely helpful for the other professionals working on the event – especially the photographer!  Great Event Planners can point out important people to photograph, help troubleshoot any issues as they arise and be familiar with the flow of the evening.

Our warmest thanks to Leah for her time and points to keep in mind when engaging a photographer.

Keep Swank Events in mind when planning your next event!

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