Blooming in Winter

Blooming in Winter

There is nothing like a beautiful flower arrangement to bring a sense of nature to the indoors! During the winter months, flowers can help uplift spirits, bring fresh scents inside and add color to any space.

There are several things to keep in mind when decorating with flowers at your next event:

  • Each season has different flowers in bloom. When working within a budget, learn what flowers are in-season or might be locally grown to help control costs.
  • Flowers have different pollen levels.  Keeping in mind that many people suffer from environmental allergies, you may want to choose blooms with low-pollen counts such as Hydrangea or tulips.
  • Flower colors have meanings. While you may choose colors to go with your event theme, keep in mind there are  meanings attached to specific colors such as yellow which symbolizes friendship.
  • Flower types also have different meanings. An Amaryllis is symbolic of splendid beauty. It is also used to indicateworth beyond beauty”. If you are marking a special occasion, speak with your florist for ideas on what flowers to include to support your theme.
  • Utilizing plants vs. cut flowers is another option for centerpieces.  Succulents, blooming plants (like paper whites) or orchids are all lovely options for decorating tables with.

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