Beautiful Greenery!

Beautiful Greenery!

There are lots of trends to keep in mind when planning “an event to remember” and we got some ideas & tips from our friend Kristyn Joyce, owner of KJ Floral Designs!

Kristyn travels to flower conventions each year to keep up with the latest trend in flowers and one of the bigger trends she sees continuing in 2018 is the “greenery movement”.  “Runners down tables, greenery cascading out of bouquets or using ferns or other plants” to bring a bigger green note to an event is still very popular.

Kristyn arranging a greenery “runner” down a table


Here candles are mixed in with the greenery on a simple burlap runner

The other popular centerpiece option is using a tall arrangement or a combination of heights.  Tall centerpieces can give guests more table room and create a different focal point in the venue.  “High centerpieces also give you the option of draping with greenery, making the arrangements look larger.”

Tall centerpieces with clear vases keep the view open in this room


A low and high centerpiece option with greenery accents


Making arrangements look hand-picked and using vintage accents (ribbons, types of flowers and greenery) to set a more nostalgic tone is very popular too.

Cascading, loose arrangement photo courtesy of Angelina Rose Photography

Kristyn is also seeing a larger budget focus on florals in 2018, including decorating spaces that usually get overlooked, like bar areas and even bathrooms!

Swank Events would like to thank Kristyn for her beautiful photo examples and time for giving us insight into what she is seeing in the floral space!

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