About Us

Why Choose Swank Events?

Experience and Know-How
Companies will often delegate event planning responsibilities to a team member who isn’t trained in planning events or organizing large corporate gatherings. Bringing on Swank Events means not only that you’ll have someone on your side who has loads of experience in event management, but your entire team is free to focus instead on their day-to-day responsibilities. You benefit from the experience and expertise of a professional, and your employees get to stick with what they know best.

Bringing Ideas to Life
We listen to your ideas, understand your vision, and then work with you to bring your ideas from concept to reality. We consider your budget, location preferences, activities, group size, and so much more to create your perfect event.

Industry Contacts
We have a lot of contacts in the industry, and can help you select the perfect venue and vendors to work with to create the event you envision. Without Swank, it can be hard to know where to start when planning an event, and whom to reach out to for each piece of the puzzle.

Whether you have a small corporate event budget, or are able to go all out, we can work within your means to maximize every dollar spent. We’ll help create the best bang for your buck, designing an event that delivers on all your goals within your allotted spending capabilities.

Attention to Detail
A perfectly executed event is all in the details, and there is no one better with details than our planners! Swank will tend to all details small and large and even those you might not consider, to make sure that everything is aligned and united by the common event theme.

Meet the Swank Team

Kristin D. Healy, CMP
Kristin D. Healy, CMP
Owner & Creative Director
Elizabeth LeBlanc
Elizabeth LeBlanc
Event Planner